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There were cases in the news where foreigners adopted Chinese orphans and raised them back in home country to a life of servitude , or worse.

Stricter screening policies were emplaced for foreigners applying for Chinese adoptions since. Strangely, parents being overweight was one the factors for denying applicants.

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What Kunming need are specialized feet doctors such as in the field of podiatry. Over two dozens bones and soft tissues frequently overlooked by untrained eyes in sports related injuries, and injuries sustained by elders.

Also, learning Chinese on the side may help in your career endeavors. Good luck Artur!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Raising a child in Kunming

That is quite an important development, and not just limited to holiday travel.

I wonder if this policy has more to due with technicalities of automatic airport customs via facial recognition by China-born dual citizenship identities in their database waiting to be ironed out....

or for economics, to curb birth tourism and money outflow, particularly to rival nations that recognize birthright citizenry....

or for party interests, to tighten harness of own citizens for motherland ideology preservation, given hk fallout....

or for politics, like a diplomatic whip to punish UK only, in relation to above interference?

Forums > Study > Visit to China

Eastern medicine like acupuncture is actually integrated as one of the physical therapy regimens in forefront sports medicine as adopted in modern professional sports to expedite recovery of injured athletes, i.e. those with sprained or torn ACL (accompanying plasma therapy) or suffered various leg related or back injuries.

So i'd sanguinely put Chinese medicine in the wellness recup category if prescribed as treatment for a broken leg with collateral nerve/muscle/tendon/ligament issue.

Perhaps OP is stating that Yunnan 中医 is among "most advanced in the world" in terms of Chinese med, due to plethora supplies of raw, herbal medicinals originating from South of Clouds? Granted big pharma has their hands in the powder jar here as well.

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In regards to the highly expensive XJ rasin cakes sold on wheeled carts back in the days.

Some of the sellers' method of solicitation were deemed scams. Rumor has it they cut large chunks and would pressure unsuspecting buyers to pay in full. If cut, you buy. Over 100RMB for a piece was not unusual.

Bad word of mouth got out, but I always wanted to buy their rasins to try if not for the hearsay intimidation factor. Perhaps another day.

What did they taste like, has anyone tried?


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Someone should let CNN know, Frank Losonsky died at age 99 earlier this year in February. Apparently he was the last remaining Flying Tiger.

A lengthy piece on Flying Tigers just published on CNN. Also a short video showcasing one of the last three living volunteer pilots, a 96-year old Losonsky. Cool pictures of the cool P-40 fighter planes in air are featured too.

The article even briefly mentioned Kunming...

"Chennault expressed his disappointment at his group's first combat mission against Japanese bombers attacking the AVG base in Kunming, China, on December 20, 1941. He thought the pilots lost their discipline in the excitement of combat."

Read it here:[...]

Our collective love for Spring City is what fuels our solidarity. Much love to all.

Kunming Aegean Shopping Mall is now offering surgical masks on their official Wechat account. 50 masks for 120 rmb. Delivered to your door for those who may need them. The price is reasonable considering widespread price gouging on ebay, amazon, and the likes.

Are you back yet JanJal? Your warm donuts and hot shower await.

Exceptions excluded, I speculate younger generations on average harbour more tolerance toward bi/homosexuality than do their more senior peers.

Likewise, I suspect laws that do not favor nor protect gay couples in China are voiced by more senior members of the Central Committee, less so by their younger technocrat peers.

For the majority of Chinese parents in their early forties and under, their children may not have yet reached the marriage discussion age. Perhaps a topic more relevant for parents beyond late forties to early fifties given trend of postponed wedlocks.

Maybe Chinese parents in this age group can chime me on this issue.

Honest communication is probably the best way forward between straight parents and their LGBTQ+ kids. Though I stand to be corrected.


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