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Forums > Living in Kunming > Switching visas in Thailand?

Hey there,
Does anyone know anything about where to go in Thailand to update a visa? Soon I'm going to switch the type of visa I'm on, all seems good except that I need to go out of the country to do so. I've heard Thailand is okay for this, but it's unclear where I should go -- Chiang Mai? Bangkok? Either one? (And if so which is better...)
If anyone has any experience with this I'd be glad to hear about it, thanks!

Forums > Food & Drink > Salvador's holiday closing?

Hey folks,
Does anyone know if Salvador's or the Loft will be closed for the autumn holidays or after the holidays? If you know or have any ideas how I can find out, and can let me know, that would be cool. : )

Forums > Living in Kunming > Shoe / handbag repair??

Very good! However, they recently moved most all the vendors off the street on Hongshan Dong Lu (very near where I live!), do you think he will still be there?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Shoe / handbag repair??

Does anyone know of a reputable shoe repair shop? Or have had shoes or handbags repaired well? I have a ladies' handbag that is in good condition except for one broken strap, I took it to the tailor on my street and he said it has to be repaired at a shoe repair place. I've never happened across such a place in the area where I live... And I'm not sure how much effort I should really put into repairing a 120-kuai handbag that I've had for over a year anyway, haha. Please advise. : )


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