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Girassol (4 posts) • 0

Good morning, does anyone know any international church located in Kunming, and could pass the website, email or address please, thanks

coastalfire (28 posts) • +2

If you are looking for a church for foreigners, there is one, called Kunming International Fellowship, which has Sunday service (in English) at 10 am in the Tailong Hongrui Hotel (泰隆宏瑞饭店) on Chuncheng Lu (春城路).

Girassol (4 posts) • 0

hi good night, that's right, thank you so much I'm looking for a church for foreigners, do you have the website or any contact (email or phone, WeChat, can I talk to them?

OceanOcean (1193 posts) • +1

The website doesn't seem to be working, but:

Kunming International Fellowship www.kifchina.org info@kifchina.org
Location: TaiLong HongRui Hotel, 279 ChunCheng Road, Kunming, China - 4th Floor - Service time: 10AM

coastalfire (28 posts) • 0

Girassol, if you are trying to get in contact with people in Kunming International Fellowship, I suggest you simply attend the service, and talk to the people there in person. As long as you are a foreign passport holder, there shouldn't be any problem.

Girassol (4 posts) • 0

Ok thanks, yes I have a foreign passport, but I'm not in china yet, I'll be taking a trip and would like to talk to someone before I go.

Mario007 (42 posts) • 0

Hi I wanted to ask is the Kinming International Fellowship a Protestant or a Catholic organisation. I'm looking for a Catholic mass and so far only know of the state-sanctioned church as Beijing Road.

coastalfire (28 posts) • 0

Hi Mario, the International Fellowship is non-denominational. All Christians are welcome. But it is not Catholic mass, sorry.

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