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Best Pizza in Kunming

JosephL (4 posts) • +1

Best Pizza
1. Humdinger (No one is more surprised than I am. Humdinger for pizza? It was excellent wood fire pizza.)
2. Cantina (really, almost a tie for first place. Unlike Humdinger I've been to Cantina many times and the pizza is always consistent and good)

And then kind of a gap...

3. Brooklyn Pizza (They aren't bad, but for a place that has 'Pizza' in the name, I hope they can step it up to New York level...be the Grimaldis of China! :)
4. Slice of Heaven (only worth it for me on Fridays when they have crazy great deals)
5. Salvador's Pizza

(Was bummed that this new delivery service was super disappointing! Hope they get better. I love Salvador actual restaurant.)

A little extra:

Best Burger: None! I've yet to find a good burger in KM. Help!
Best Nachos: Salvador's! It's excellent!
Best Brewery: Love the new Uncle John's Brewery. The double IPA is just as good as a top-tier IPA on tap back in the States.

sezuwupom (44 posts) • +1

Believe it or not, Q+Life Supermarket at TKP Shopping Mall (JanJal alluded to in organic thread) bakes a mean durian pizza, if any of you like that sort of flavor.

They top their pizzas with imported durians from Thailand. Hand picked directed from their own Q+Life's fresh fruit section, and carved open right in front of customers in their open kitchen stand.

They practically transfer entire durian pulps onto their hand made pizzas. I'm willing to bet they serve the freshest and most abundant portions of durian of any pizza joint in town. Most restaurants are frugal with durian servings given their premium price.

Try them next time you stroll to the center of that B1 level supermarket, granted availability may be seasonal. Currently they're 20% off if ordered via their WeChat mini program. 43 kuai per 10 inch pie.

dolphin (509 posts) • 0

jeapordy ... category: things that do not belong on pizza

dolphin (509 posts) • 0

ok, its common for cultures to take food from different cultures and adapt it to their tastes. my comment was culturally insensitive.

sezuwupom (44 posts) • -1

None taken. Sometimes mixing exotic flavors to tried and tested classics is less about local culture but more hit or miss marketing campaigns to attract customers whose palates have gone stale. Green tea ice cream, coffee, and tea case in point.

I get it with durian. It's an acquired taste. For some, a nonstop process of acquiring that never bear fruit. Some hotels in Thailand don't even allow these fruits into premises. Talk about fruit discrimination.

Regarding OP's complaint with Sal's delivery services. The owners are probably skimping on Meituan's 4,000rmb annual fees.

For those who don't know, Meituan food delivery app has evolved. It now offers inner-city same hour delivery of all your parcels. One hour delivery is guaranteed.

For less than 10 bucks, your packages will be delivered within minutes to anywhere in Kunming. Differentiated from standard kuaidi companies, this niche Meituan service is useful if you need emergency in-town delivery.

dolphin (509 posts) • 0

So you are a majority shareholder in Q+Life Supermarket AND Meituan


I'm buying shares in Durian plantations.

JosephL (4 posts) • 0

Diego's? Do you mean cantina? @cloudtrapezer ( the owners name is Diego)

Also, I didn't expect this forum to turn into a discussion about Durian pizza! :)

cloudtrapezer (756 posts) • 0

Yes Cantina. I hadn't really noticed it's name. Just knew it as Diego's

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