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@Tigertiger: We are talking about 2 different things. I'm talking about the economics behind the salary development, you're talking about personal experience from a moral stand-point. Considering you and me are not the only ones working in Kunming/China, we shouldn't put emphasis on our individual experience when discussing about country-wide developments.

At macro-level, most English teachers work here because of the relatively high salary (coupled with lack of other viable options). If their salaries for English teaching, in terms of PPP, would be much higher back home (or anywhere else for that matter) we would see teachers fleeing China and settling elsewhere. That's obviously not the case because, even with the slow annual increase, the English teacher's salary is highly competitive; especially considering how little it takes for one to become an English teacher in China (read: non-Asian looking face, preferably white).


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Sure sounds like a Christian.

A sizable portion of Yi-minority group has been converted to Christianity within the past few decades. As a general rule, they are taught to look down upon their own heritage as well as other "primitive" ethic cultures, including the Hans. It looks like this guy is one of them.


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