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Post to EU how much p/kg?

nailer (99 posts) • -2

well yes thats the obvious thing to do but i'd rather not have to because usually its some fuckwit who has no idea, cant speak mandarin etc.

so i thought id ask here first... seeing as this is a forum for info about km.

michael2015 (718 posts) • +3 (microsoft's search engine - which works in china). Blarney & begorrah.

Scroll down a bit for the info on packages as opposed to envelopes.

From the proverbial horse's mouth/source (but info may be obsolete, so you'll STILL have to check with the international post office which handles foreigner stuff...

You may still ship sea freight - which is slower and cheaper, or air freight - faster and noticeably more expensive. Sea freight these days is actually not too bad - roughly 2 weeks to anywhere, thanks to China's still largely export based economy.

Please remember there WILL be delays because of customs of both countries.

Also - China Post usually has boxes, bags, and other stuff for packing, bagging, stuffing - for a reasonably nominal fee.

hehehe (23 posts) • -4
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nailer, you're an idiot. Besides, how about you learn some Chinese instead of expecting them to serve you in English.

tigertiger - moderator (5084 posts) • +4

There is no simple answer, unless you can calculate the volumetric weights, and there is also a premium to pay if individual boxes weigh over a certain amount. I think 20-24kg, as this is a two person lift, but I doubt your clothes will weigh that much.
Because of volumetric weight, it may be cheaper to put clothes into those vacuum bags to reduce the bulk. Although this is another small cost. But it will add protection from damp.
Some carriers also do a special service for personal effects which ensures that you won't pay customs. A small risk but it has happened.

tigertiger - moderator (5084 posts) • 0

@nailer. You do know that temperatures will drop again in a month or so, and you may want some of those winter clothes. Summers do seem to be getting cooler in recent years.

nailer (99 posts) • 0


thanks. im leaving but will travel a bit so dont want to carry heavy winter stuff around with me.

@michael thanks for the info.

@hehehe no im not. i can speak chinese. and i would never expect anyone here to serve me in english. i said mandarin not english.

@lemon lover

its not a view of humanity, just some of the people here. ive had to deal with so many fuckwits here ive lost my patience hence the comment.

eg:spending 5 hours over three days in Bank of China just get a new atm card.

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