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English teacher's salary follows English speaking countries' inflation/GPD growth figures, Chinese workers salary follows Chinese inflation/GPD growth figures. It only makes sense that English teacher's salary should not rise in accordance to the general inflation. Whether implicitly or explicitly, "we" compare our salary levels to back home when making decisions to work here or not because that's our opportunity cost...?

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Perhaps you should ask this question in a Sichuan related website, you'd get more fruitful results. This is for Yunnan ;)

Btw. if anyone knows any good Sichuan related websites equivalent to goKunming, please let me know. Thank you.

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Thanks mates. I've been looking for a place to play boardgames for a long time! And who could've thought that there is a place right next to our submission grappling gym! :D


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Sure sounds like a Christian.

A sizable portion of Yi-minority group has been converted to Christianity within the past few decades. As a general rule, they are taught to look down upon their own heritage as well as other "primitive" ethic cultures, including the Hans. It looks like this guy is one of them.


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