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When it comes to Chinese language you can forget google translate all together. There are way better alternatives. Actually, few years ago Google was embarrassingly caught outright steeling Youdao's translation lists, because their own translation was so awful. The whole thing blew out on their face after they got caught, and their translation accuracy has been even worse ever since.

Baidu has always had a fairly good translator for Chinese. But Youdao is still slightly better in my opinion. Especially when it comes to phrases, old sayings and metaphors.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

I just saw this thread.

We run BJJ / Submission wrestling class in Kunming every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at a downtown location. Very convenient access. You're welcome to join. The teacher is a 2 times submission grappling national champion, so his definitely legit.

Place: Renmin Zhong Lu, Qingnian Lu crossing. Next to Pannlong river.
Time: Mondays & Wednesdays at 19-21, Fridays at 18-20.

Coach's contact: 186 6903 4483

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Best Map Applications for Yunnan

I'm a big map enthusiast, and always searching for the best offline maps available. As of currently, in 2016, the best offline map for China (and most Asia in fact) is definitely HERE Maps (formerly known as Nokia Maps).

I have both Android and Microsoft mobile. Unfortunately Google is not supporting Chinese maps due to the dispute with Chinese authorities, so the Android version is great for all other countries except China. Microsoft version, however, is by far the best offline mapping software in the market right now. It's in its own league compare to, e.g. Even better than all the commercial alternatives I have tried. over the years.

I usually compare OFFLINE version of Here maps to the ONLINE version of Google maps. Until today, it's difficult to say which is better? Both have incredible accuracy, for even the smallest off-road routes. Having said that, Google maps is definitely more pleasing for the eyes (although I think this is because downloadable offline maps don't want to too graphical on the expense of larger file-size).


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Sure sounds like a Christian.

A sizable portion of Yi-minority group has been converted to Christianity within the past few decades. As a general rule, they are taught to look down upon their own heritage as well as other "primitive" ethic cultures, including the Hans. It looks like this guy is one of them.


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