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Forums > Living in Kunming > Cost of living in Kunming 2015

yes Lipton tea with milk :D can't survive without it.

thanks all! useful info. so I guess if I can find a room it will be about 600-900rmb per month, I think that would be better than paying for an entire apartment myself if I can find one. I'd be studying at a private school so probably can't use the dorms.

Sounds like food might be about 30-50yuan per day, but maybe I should try to learn to cook at home more. I like spicy food and I'm mostly vegetarian but I'm not very strict.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Cost of living in Kunming 2015

Hello, I'm thinking of coming to Kunming to study for 6 months.

Excluding study fees, how much money would I need to have saved per month?

If it's possible I would probably try to find a room in a share apartment to save money. I'm not very fussy (and also could survive without western toilets) but it would be good if it was reasonably clean and had a washing machine).

I probably wouldn't cook very much and would buy food at relatively cheap Chinese restaurants about once per day, or maybe dumplings at lunch. I don't really drink except for a lot of western tea.

Sorry if this is a repeat of another thread, if so please could you send me a link to the other one.


Forums > Study > Studying at 50...

I'd also suggest Keats they were very good and ask you what you want to learn then base lessons around it. When I was there there were about four guys over 60 out of the about 15 students that I knew.
It might be better to go for the one on one course if you can afford it, normally you can go a lot faster than in a group (at least that's my experience when learning Spanish, I haven't ever done group Chinese courses).


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That's a shame I love Kunming police dogs. I was hoping to get one and bring it back to Australia with me one day (though not sure about bringing new breeds back to Australia so it would have required a lot of investigation before getting one). There was a guy who used to train his Kunming dog most nights at Green Lake Park when I lived in Kunming a few years ago, it seemed very happy and well behaved.

I hope people don't take this out on the bats, they're clever animals and do a good job of reducing insects, and hope people stop selling them as food they do have a lot of diseases.and they're too small to eat anyway. I don't understand the point of people eating them, such a waste.


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