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Studying at 50...

NfromCanada (1 post) • 0

I intend to go to kunming to study chinese from end of june to october. I am looking for a school that would be flexible, as I did speak chinese 20 years ago and will probably improve fast at first. Also, as I work, I can't commit to follow regular university semesters: need to be back in canada in november. And, if possible, I would like a school that has older students also... So that I am not the university grandma...

Any suggestions?

lawlz0mg (201 posts) • 0

kcel if you cant commit to a schedule. other schools get denied visas for poor atrendence.

_shara_ (98 posts) • 0

I'd also suggest Keats they were very good and ask you what you want to learn then base lessons around it. When I was there there were about four guys over 60 out of the about 15 students that I knew.
It might be better to go for the one on one course if you can afford it, normally you can go a lot faster than in a group (at least that's my experience when learning Spanish, I haven't ever done group Chinese courses).

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