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Probably this is a silly question, but has anyone seen stevia for sale in Kunming? It's a type of sweetener, in some countries you can buy it either refined in packets (like an artificial sweetener) or in ground up leaf form. Apparently it's used a lot in Japan. My Chinese dictionary calls it tian2 ju2.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Reasons for deportation

I think this law should be changed, as far as I'm aware it's about Australia only wanting to let people in who will improve the economics of the country but there are other more important ways to contribute to a country than money.

However I haven't looked into it enough, would they have let him in if he wasn't autistic? if not then maybe it's fair, but if they would have let a non autistic boy in then it sounds discriminatory to me. I'm in Australia though and I do like it here, there are some stupid laws and some racism but not everyone is like that.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Cost of living in Kunming 2015

hehe, thanks guys,

thanks all!!! useful info, yes I think sharing would be preferable. If I really couldn't find one I would rent an apartment and maybe try to sublet, 1600 would be quite expensive if I'm not working.

China is certainly a good place to buy tea!! :)


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I hope people don't take this out on the bats, they're clever animals and do a good job of reducing insects, and hope people stop selling them as food they do have a lot of diseases.and they're too small to eat anyway. I don't understand the point of people eating them, such a waste.


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