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Forums > Study > Yunnan University- worth the hype??

Thanks for the advice, as sorry for the late reply. I decided in the end to stick with the devil I know and paid for fees at 理工大学 for next time. In the end I took advice from current teachers at both unis, who in all honestly told me there was little difference bar the amount of westerners at 云南大学。My uni is full of Laos and thai students, who don't speak much or any english, and often people don't come to class...which is obv better more me.

Thanks again..

Forums > Living in Kunming > Electric scooter..advice needed

So, after walking mile upon mile and enduring sardine-style bus journeys over the last 6 months, I've decided my legs and sanity deserve a break. I'm getting an electric scooter..but I just want to make sure i do this as legally, but more important, as cheaply as possible.

I'm going to buy an ugly, partially knocked about scooter so as to put thieves off. Voltage not as issue but the more the better, and will obv test drive before hand.

My questions are this: how much should I pay- I've seen some for 800-1000Y along 学府路

Secondly, what's all this numberplate malarky about?! What paperwork do I need to carry?! Is there any legally I can buy and drive a second hand scooter?!

Thanks, nath

Forums > Study > rent a classroom by the hour

at my school (理工大学)there's loads of space, particularly in the afternoon. Maybe ask how much....i think they'd probably do a good deal

Forums > Study > Yunnan University- worth the hype??

Hi guys,

I'm currently a student learning Chinese at 理工大学 and due to visa reasons will have to shortly pay my fees for next term.

Although I've improved VASTLY, my university is up and down in my opinion, and I'm planning to write a review in due course. I only have enough time to study one more term, so want to better my Mandarin the best I can in that time.

I hear many students (and teachers!) telling me how great Yunnan University is, but is it up to the hype? Grateful if some people would post their opinions here.

How many classes a week, and how many optional classes (I'll also call up the school about this)
How big are classes?

Are native English speakers put into different classes, and if not, is English kept to a minimum, or preferably banned, in class?
What textbook is currently being used for 中级二?

Thanks guys, happy to answer q's about my uni in response...

Forums > Study > KUST or Keats

Hi all,

I was wondering whether I could grab some information about what is the best option for me to study Mandarin this September. Basically I've come down to two choices- KUST or Keats. I've researched the latter pretty thoroughly, and was about to dive in when I noticed that KUST offer almost double the class time. I know about class sizes, lack of speaking time etc etc, but can anyone give me any information about what is covered on the course? Is it going to be more beneficial that a small class in a language school that has good feedback?

I'm a elementary student, in that I've been here for 9 months teaching, and have picked up a fair bit of language here and there, but I'm nowhere near intermediate, and still lack some key vocab. I'm going to work my ar*e off this summer, so should be at bit better by the time term begins.

Also, does anyone know which campus the school is on? I've asked if there is still space on the course, and will here back tomorrow.


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If this my my interview Id also put the following question- What should happen to taxi drivers that refuse to go on the meter or refuse AT ALL to go to the airport? This is one of the most frustrating things about this city....I get the same response every time when I say aiport- "160 yuan- because I have to queue for 3 hours when I get there." Really grinds at me this, as I'm only about 25 mins drive away with no traffic. It's happened over 10 times now...

Really enjoyed this article. Very interesting to read about the history of this place, always wondered every time I walk past...

I also found the site hard to navigate since the new look, but didn't know why- now I kmow, everything is too close together! Any chance of putting some air between the columns?

Also, note while I am writing this comment on my ipad, the menu bar is blocking the comment box...



Me and my friend ordered 2 pizzas here. The result? He had all-night stomach pain, I've had non stop diarrhea. So far just the 12 hours of toilet action and counting. Good job today my building decided to turn off the water eh?

Anyway, I guess it's down to cleanliness of the kitchen the pizza was cooked in, but either way, I won't be eating here again, and will tell others not to. Plus, 60Y for a 'Chinese' pizza in my books ain't that reasonable...