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Forums > Living in Kunming > License to drive Ebike-accident = deportation?

Hi all,

Not sure if everyone is aware but a friend tipped me off about a story in Beijing of a 外国人 knocking into a woman on a motorbike and being deported. Apparently, the first question the police asked him was 'where is your license?'.

The Beijinger (Beijing expat mag) is now apparently running a 'get your paperwork in order' campaign as my friend tells me it's very easy to sort our and avoid the threat of deportation should anything happen.

Please note I am aware of the benefits of cycling, but this question is on eBikes.

What I want to know is:

a.) do i need a license? I have a foreign driving license already
b.) How do I register a eBike if using a second hand one?

c.) Can this be re-registered as many times as you like? Anyone any ideas?

Here's the link to the story if anyone's interested:


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If this my my interview Id also put the following question- What should happen to taxi drivers that refuse to go on the meter or refuse AT ALL to go to the airport? This is one of the most frustrating things about this city....I get the same response every time when I say aiport- "160 yuan- because I have to queue for 3 hours when I get there." Really grinds at me this, as I'm only about 25 mins drive away with no traffic. It's happened over 10 times now...

Really enjoyed this article. Very interesting to read about the history of this place, always wondered every time I walk past...

I also found the site hard to navigate since the new look, but didn't know why- now I kmow, everything is too close together! Any chance of putting some air between the columns?

Also, note while I am writing this comment on my ipad, the menu bar is blocking the comment box...



Me and my friend ordered 2 pizzas here. The result? He had all-night stomach pain, I've had non stop diarrhea. So far just the 12 hours of toilet action and counting. Good job today my building decided to turn off the water eh?

Anyway, I guess it's down to cleanliness of the kitchen the pizza was cooked in, but either way, I won't be eating here again, and will tell others not to. Plus, 60Y for a 'Chinese' pizza in my books ain't that reasonable...