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Forums > Living in Kunming > Smoking in Starbucks

The problem is I go to places like Starbucks to relax, and I just end up getting angry and frustrated! I think next time I'll complain to the manager and say I'm never coming back here in front of a load of customers, but then again it just takes away the pleasure of why I went there in the first place and spent 30rmb on a coffee! I'm an ex smoker myself (I know, the worst complainers), but I never smoked inside, and always respected others. The simple fact is these people were told by the staff to stop smoking and continued. To me, that sums up the manners of some people in this country 随心所欲- do as one pleases. I was half tempted to interrupt their conversation and say- "excuse me, are you the emperor of china? No? So why don't you obey the rules?" But in the end I just couldn't be bothered. I think the key is if it's really a big deal then make these people lose face. In the elevator for example I told a guy smoking next to a kid that a.) it's dangerous to smoke in lifts, and b.) it's really bad for the kid's health. He looked at me like I was mental, but at least I said something.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Smoking in Starbucks

Seems to be on the increase. Possibly staff seem to be less interested in keeping it under control?

I got seriously f*cked off the other day when two people were smoking, and just carried on after being told to stop.

I know this is China, and people do smoke, but have some respect for the f*cking rules at least!!!

Forums > Living in Kunming > re-registering with the PSB

PS- hurry the f*ck up! I hear they can fine you lots of money for not registering! I waited 4 days once, and it wasn't an issue, although I was bricking it at the time.

Forums > Living in Kunming > re-registering with the PSB

I'm sure you have to reregister after coming back from HK, and I always have done. After all, you're leaving the mainland.

However, telling them before you go? Nowhere I am aware of specifies that rule. I did get a knock at my door two months ago from two policeman who ask me to sign a form to prove I lived in my flat. Very strange, as I hadn't been abroad at that time. They also asked me my future plans, I said I was going back to England in a couple of weeks, and they took down some notes. I'm now back in KM, and have registered. No issues.

Forums > Living in Kunming > taking rmb out of china

15 if the firewall is playing up...

it's 20,000RMB lat time i checked, anything over and the customs officer can take the lot. Plus $5,000, but make sure you take into account the ballache in changing all this up, seeing as us 外国人's can only do $500 a time


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If this my my interview Id also put the following question- What should happen to taxi drivers that refuse to go on the meter or refuse AT ALL to go to the airport? This is one of the most frustrating things about this city....I get the same response every time when I say aiport- "160 yuan- because I have to queue for 3 hours when I get there." Really grinds at me this, as I'm only about 25 mins drive away with no traffic. It's happened over 10 times now...

Really enjoyed this article. Very interesting to read about the history of this place, always wondered every time I walk past...

I also found the site hard to navigate since the new look, but didn't know why- now I kmow, everything is too close together! Any chance of putting some air between the columns?

Also, note while I am writing this comment on my ipad, the menu bar is blocking the comment box...



Me and my friend ordered 2 pizzas here. The result? He had all-night stomach pain, I've had non stop diarrhea. So far just the 12 hours of toilet action and counting. Good job today my building decided to turn off the water eh?

Anyway, I guess it's down to cleanliness of the kitchen the pizza was cooked in, but either way, I won't be eating here again, and will tell others not to. Plus, 60Y for a 'Chinese' pizza in my books ain't that reasonable...