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Forums > Living in Kunming > Catholic Church in KunMing?

i often went to the protestant church on renminzhonglu, trinity church, and was surprised they often said they were catholic

doesnt make much difference to me, as i am sceptical...

Forums > Study > Study TCM!

!agur uribe!

well i think tcm is pretty interesting but some western studies may also b useful!

i.can introduce u some tcm and western docs...send mi msg


om mari pe mehung
pro dion is os philosophya?/+?


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rather scaring. the dominant race does not seem to know what he is doing nor to apply caution principles

it seems unfortunatly many tibetans also do not care, for instance throwing theur garbage all over. last time i went shangrila, we spent an afternoon cleaning garbage around our master temple

i myself try to b more ecology aware and responsible. it seems that every act of consumption is bound to have ecology impact.

on final note, some tibetans believe that not respecting nature might irritate forces and create disasters. earthquakes?

Another economical/social tragedy

I wonder how one can accept systems or societies where there is no equality, neither in real life nor in chances.

But it seems the time for dreams of changing are passed these days. i hope they will come back and people will think of other ways to live in a more equalitaryan and free human society