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We are Yunnan: Ludian earthquake fundraiser

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This past weekend a strong earthquake devastated parts of northeast Yunnan. Several hundred people were killed and tens of thousands have been left homeless and lost all of their worldly possessions. The government of Yunnan is calling for volunteers, cash contributions and donations to help out stricken areas.

The area likely faces years of reconstruction and rebuilding. Its people, however, are not necessarily looking to the day when everything returns to normal. Instead they are wondering where the next meal will come from, how best to mourn for the dead and whether the water they are drinking is safe.

In an effort to provide whatever help we can, the Kunming community is calling on Spring City citizens to come together and raise money and material for the victims of the Ludian Earthquake (鲁甸地震). To this end, GoKunming and DT Bar — once know as Laowo Bar — will host We are Yunnan. The concert and lucky draw will take place this Friday in an effort to raise as much money as possible for victims of the quake. The event will feature six bands, a DJ and a raffle with fantastic prizes.

The damage in Ludian County is widespread and an estimated 42,000 homes have been toppled
The damage in Ludian County is widespread and an estimated 42,000 homes have been toppled

The plan

To streamline the process and make it as uncomplicated as possible, tickets can be purchased in advance at four locations for 30 yuan each. The door fee not only gets you into the event but also covers the cost of one ticket for the evening's raffle. People can buy as many additional raffle tickets as they would like, with each extra one costing ten yuan.

Performances begin at 8pm and acts scheduled to perform include Large Forehead (大脑门), John Nevada Lundemo and the Howling Void, Rose Garden Lord (玫瑰园主), Big Lottery (大乐透), Mayuan Poets (麻园诗人) and The Wild Rovers. At midnight we will hold the lucky draw. Raffle winners will be chosen at random by an MC and awarded their prizes in person. A performance by DJ Xiao Kris will cap off the evening's festivities.

Raffle prizes

A free night's stay for two and dinner vouchers at Crowne Plaza Kunming City Centre
A steak dinner for two, including salad, potatoes, ice cream and red wine at Slice of Heaven
Two vouchers for large pizzas at Brooklyn Pizzeria
Two bottles of wine from Alei Lounge Club & Tapas Bar
A case of Beer Lao provided by DT Bar
Two bottles of tequila provided by Moondog
Two bottles of whisky provided by The Whisky People
A bottle of Bulleit Bourbon provided by Club Vervo
Two 100-yuan vouchers redeemable at Salvador's Coffee House
Five vouchers for pizzas from Lost Garden Guesthouse & Restaurant
Five rock climbing vouchers from TNS Climbing Center
One free yoga class at Bodhisattva Lotus

Odds and ends

Event organizers will be accepting material donations as well. During a call to the Yunnan Red Cross, we were told clothing (especially kids sizes), blankets and thermoses were the most urgently needed items. Also, we request that anyone who has a stack of small change — especially jiao paper notes — gather them all up and drop them in the donation cash box we will have at DT Bar. Larger bills are fine too.

Advance tickets for the Ludian earthquake fundraiser are available at Brooklyn Pizzeria, DT Bar, Salvador's Coffee House and Slice of Heaven. Extra raffle tickets will be sold at the event. All cash raised will be deposited in an earthquake-specific bank account established at the Agricultural Bank of China by the Yunnan government. Clothes and other items will be donated to the Red Cross.

Previous fundraisers of this kind have tended to raise around 10,000 yuan. We would love to shatter this number Friday night. We strongly urge everyone in the Kunming community to come out for an evening of entertainment in the name of a good cause. All of us were either born here or chose to live in Yunnan. Let's give back when the place we call home so desperately needs it.

GoKunming would like to extend special thanks to Juliette, Matu, Fanfan Sarah and all of the bands for making Friday night possible.

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Very nice of all the bands and prize sponsors. Count me in. Do you still have to go thru the restaurant to get into laowo/DT bar?

I'm not able to come on Friday. Where else can I go to make a cash donation. I have no idea where the DT bar is either.

Slice of Heaven has a glass donation jar for the earthquake appeal on the counter.

Great prizes, I'd love to go, but you haven't put the address in pinyin for hanzi illiterate folks like me

Inside Laowo Xiaochi, Yunyi Xiang, across from Mayuan Xiaoxue, Mayuan

Go down Dianmian Dadao from Xizhan interchange, toward Kunshi Lu. After you pass Xiyuan Lu, start looking on your left for the alley (Yunyi Xiang). Go down the alley, watching on your left for a noodle shop called Laowo Xiaochi. Go through the noodle shop to get into the bar.

I think we're gonna try to put up some sort of sign at the intersection of Dianmian dadao and in front of the bar. Once on the alley, you can also watch for a green laser beam projected onto the sidewalk- in the past that has been the way the bar has made itself more noticeable.

Excellent idea, count me in.

for the dead, humans and animals

Om mari pe mehung
pro daonusoha philosophya?/

awesome event. need more foreigners to come on down and show support. great prizes and cheap raffle tickets.

Please, will someone tell us if this event was a success?

There were a lot of people. Good mix of foreigners and young Chinese. Money wise they raised over 20,000 yuan. I'd say success!

Oh yeah, props to guy who spent 5550 rmb on raffle tickets, and then donated again via public auction all the whiskey and tequila he won.


Would be nice to have a short review from the organizers or read a short write up on GoKunming. First Hand News are always better and I believe all the donors, guests and participants deserve to know what was the final outcome.

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