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Forums > Living in Kunming > exchange large amount of money

I think I might have been the person who gave dani_om her information- I have been living in Kunming for almost 4 years, and for the past 3, I have been able to go to a money exchange place (not a bank, but a booth like the one that used to be on WenHuaXiang across from YunDaBingGuan) and exchange RMB into USD. Then, I could take it to the Post Office on LongXiangJie and, using Western Union send up to 1000 US for only a 15 USD fee, and up to 5000 USD for only a 20 USD fee. I had to send the money to a person in the States, and they'd deposit in my account for me. It was a few more steps, but much cheaper and less restrictive than doing it through a bank.

However, seemingly in conjunction with a recent gubment change (poor spelling intentional), both of the money exchange booths that we normally used have shut down, and whenever we go to Western Union, they tell us they are unable to do money transfers at this time. Also, recently when I was in Hong Qiao Airport in Shanghai, all of the money exchange booths were closed there as well (and it was a normal Monday). So, my understanding was not that you couldn't send money home through a bank, but that you could not exchange money at other money exchange places or use Western Union.

Forums > Food & Drink > Help with American recipe


The apple cider vinegar in the recipe is not entirely there for flavor- the acidity of the vinegar acts as a preservative as well. You definitely could not just use apple juice or concentrate.

You can buy apple cider vinegar at almost any market here. Look in the vinegar section- its the one with the apples on the label! :)

Forums > Living in Kunming > Haircut advice!

Although the previous posts are quite old, I followed the posters advice and called Rezvan at the Toni and Guy in the Gingko department store on Beijing Lu- she did a wonderful job! I will be going to her from now on.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Anyone done the Hong Kong Z Visa Run RECENTLY?

Hi everyone,

I was just wondering if anyone has very recently (ie; in the past 3 months) gone to HK to switch from a tourist visa to a Z visa?

I have heard rumors that the process has changed, or that it might not even be possible to do this kind of change in Hong Kong anymore (that they will tell you to go to the consulate in your home country).

I know that there are old forum posts about this topic, but I want to know if anyone knows the current situation?

Also, if you have gone recently- can you tell me if the Rush Service is still available?

Thanks for any help you can offer!

Forums > Living in Kunming > International Calling from Kunming

Thanks for the Skype advice- I use it often for casual calls home, etc. However, I really want to know about an international calling code I can use with my cell phone- it is not always convenient for me to access the internet, and even when I can, we all know that the internet here isn't always the most reliable. I would prefer the convenience of just calling using my phone.


No results found.


Inside Laowo Xiaochi, Yunyi Xiang, across from Mayuan Xiaoxue, Mayuan

Go down Dianmian Dadao from Xizhan interchange, toward Kunshi Lu. After you pass Xiyuan Lu, start looking on your left for the alley (Yunyi Xiang). Go down the alley, watching on your left for a noodle shop called Laowo Xiaochi. Go through the noodle shop to get into the bar.

I think we're gonna try to put up some sort of sign at the intersection of Dianmian dadao and in front of the bar. Once on the alley, you can also watch for a green laser beam projected onto the sidewalk- in the past that has been the way the bar has made itself more noticeable.

From the information I've gathered, photos posted of interviewees on GoKunming are self-submitted- so any snarky comments you make are directed at the interviewee directly. That said, it is pretty sad indeed that you care more about someone's appearance than you do about the content of a very informative,intelligent, and interesting interview. What a sad, sad person you are! Thanks for proving what we already suspected!



Booked a decent room and got upgraded for free to a suite on the club floor. Room had an amazing bathtub with a view of the whole city, plus a sitting room and a separate bedroom with nice views as well. I'd say the service and décor in general were just ok, but the free cocktail hour and buffet breakfast that were included made it an above average experience.


One of the best weekend getaways I've had in a very long time. Wonderful, kind owners, gorgeous surroundings, and awesome bread and pizza. There's also a well stocked bar. It's just a lovely, chill place for anyone that's looking for a quick escape from the city. I'd recommend calling ahead to book if you plan on staying overnight or want to make special arrangements for food.


I've always been a fan, but the new menu is especially exciting. Tried the pulled pork pizza and the burger last night- yum! Happy that there are more varied options now. Can't wait to try the 4 cheese pasta next-looks AMAZING!


My go-to when I'm craving cheap, delicious Chinese basics. Always speedy, clean and friendly. They're on Meituan, too, for when you're feeling lazy.


I'm very surprised at the last reviewer's comments, because I've lived in Kunming for more than seven years, and have eaten at Salvador's at least once a week for most of my time here, and I'm pretty sure it's one of the few places in town I can count on NOT to make me sick! The food is consistently good-especially the new tacos, and the service is wonderful. The newly expanded space is lovely and open, as well. I'll certainly continue to make it my home away from home!