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Catholic Church in KunMing?

_shara_ (98 posts) • 0

apparently there is one around the center city at the moment but I'm not sure where it is, my Chinese flatmate goes and he said there was another one but it's currently closed (I'm guessing that might be the one under construction). I will ask him when I see him and get back to you if no-one else does first. Sorry this is not more helpful.

_shara_ (98 posts) • 0

so apparently there is one at:

hua shan dong lu 99 hao

(number 99 hua shan dong street).

my flatmate said some people arrive at 8am and most people are there by 9am. It's in Chinese but he's seen a few foreigners.

_shara_ (98 posts) • 0

@ pavi92 I don't think that one is Catholic though since I go there and no-one's ever mentioned it being Catholic yet....

ricsnapricsnap (192 posts) • 0

There is a Catholic one here, near the Green lake
On Google maps it's named Kunming catholicism patriotic association.
Over a year ago they used to have a crowded service at 9:30 am on Sundays. The priest was a bit old and probably conservative. All the service is in Chinese with even the few Latin words very hard to get.

There used to be another Catholic service, but self-organised and not official, in an auditorium at a 3rd or 4th floor of an anonymous building very east of town. That used to be on Saturday nights.

FYI: the archbishop of KM got expelled from the church by the pope many years ago. The big church under construction on Beijing lu has been as such for many years, probably a hint that catholics still have to self organise here with not much help from the institutions.

tigertiger - moderator (5096 posts) • 0

The differences are theological (belief) and legal (church law).The biggest difference for practising Christians relates to Mass. You should only partake in the Catholic Mass if you are a confirmed in the Catholic Church. Additionally, there are theological reasons why some non-Catholics will not partake in the Catholic Mass, but can take part in the Sacrament (takin of bread and wine/body and blood of Christ) in non-Catholic churches; and visa versa.
If you don't know what that means, you will need to look it up, as it is too complex and time consuming to explain on here.

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