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Forums > Living in Kunming > Catholic Church in KunMing?

i often went to the protestant church on renminzhonglu, trinity church, and was surprised they often said they were catholic

doesnt make much difference to me, as i am sceptical...

Forums > Study > Study TCM!

!agur uribe!

well i think tcm is pretty interesting but some western studies may also b useful!

i.can introduce u some tcm and western docs...send mi msg


om mari pe mehung
pro dion is os philosophya?/+?


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wao, interesting epistemology guys! make me wanna come back shangri la and talk with you about deep philosophy drunk...

to get back to sars and bats, one must not forget that 1 reason of the spread of the deadly disease was the horrible life conditions of industry animals, which are denied most hapiness and freedom rights