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Forums > Food & Drink > what to order in dai restaurant ?

鬼鸡 ('Ghost chicken') is an amazing dish that never disappoints, you can find a recipe for it here on gokunming. But it's 鬼火怒 ('Fireghost fury') that truly separates the vikings from the wimps. Any Dai fish dish is also generally a treat; the ones that are dry, cut open and spread out are much easier to eat than the ones that are cooked in a pot with sauce, as there's a loooot of bone on those. Occasionally you can also find a kind of dry sausage that's very tasty and sooo savory, but it's more common in Wa cuisine I believe. They have this sausage in the some-southern-Yunnan-city-I-have-forgotten-the-name-of-restaurant on the same road as Slice of Heaven, but closer to the intersection with Xuefu lu.

This is the best value for the money Dai restaurant that I've found in Kunming, it's amazingly cheap and absolutely delicious:[...]

It's an a back alley in the 麻园 area, down some winding alleys to your right if you're facing the gate to the old art college, and have old Laowo bar in your back to the left.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > traveling suggestions in and around kunming

Any place remotely close to Kunming will be crowded in Golden Week, unless it's super-mega obscure. Dali, Lijiang, Jiangshui, Shibaoshan, Shaxi, Jizushan; forget about it.

Nujiang valley is your best bet; Bingzhongluo will still have available rooms if you arrive early/book ahead, as will the country guesthouses. Luckily, Nujiang valley is also one of the best destinations in all of Yunnan, and possibly the earth. The problem is; it's very remote, it'll take you almost two days to get to Bingzhongluo, even if you bus all the way to Fugong from Kunming.

Forums > Study > Looking for a quiet place with free WIFI

chinese students seem to love Dona Donuts, one reason is probably that it's one of the cheapest ways around to get wifi. Exchange students seem to love Mazagran, probably because their wifi always works and the place is relatively relaxed.

But my favorite place by far is a café immediately opposite the entrance to the scandinavian art gallery, The Loft. This cafe has functioning wifi and is almost always rather empty, and has a very cosy atmosphere.


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the problem is, when one faction takes it upon themselves to drone strike against terrorists in spite of any national borders, agreements and/or affected civilians, another faction will naturally claim it as their god-given right to drone strike against drug lords/rebels/dissidents/civilians/whatever takes their fancy. This is something we will se more of in the future, as Russia and China gets the technology and confidence to emulate US behavior and violate their neighbors in a multitude of new and interesting ways; China is just getting started, there's much, much more to come.

I'm having a really tough time understanding why they don't just build a few nuclear plants instead of all these dams. Okay, sure, we know by now that chinese bureaucrats on all levels simply adore large scale brutalist architecture projects, but this is taking it a bit too far...

But repeat offenders are, like everybody else, a product of society. They should not be removed permanently from society, but be given help so that they might, in time, be allowed back into society and live peacefully and constructively within it. Society has a responsibility to take care even of this people, and killing them would mean the utter failure in this regard.

This I say coming from a country where hardly anyone can ever be incarcerated for more than two decades, and I do think that is very good.

does anybody know something about the "miniature stone forest" that can be reached from the walkways among the daoist temples? It is worth visiting?



The temple itself is interesting, but small; the surrounding exhibitions range from pointless and boring to rather fascinating, but you really need to know chinese or have somebody translating for you to get anything out of it. If you only have limited time in Kunming, skip it and head for the Bamboo Temple instead. Otherwise it's worth a visit.


The place itself is somewhat interesting, the hike there through the mountains is very nice and the views absolutely stunning.


Though overpriced, the bread is good and the pizza not bad (though a bit small). However, this place score tons of points for the great and cozy atmosphere, it's absolutely worth repated visits.


The temple itself is not very interesting, but the grounds are beautiful and the adjoining park (Admission fee: 5 yuan) makes for a pleasant stroll or picknick in a quaint and somewhat forgotten corner of Kunming. I don't know if people are ever allowed into the pagoda;if so, it would make for a grand view of the city, and be worth one extra star. Definitely worth a visit. Note that the temple compund and the park is connected via an underpass just behind the park's west gate.


It's a pleasant little temple, but the local temple staff wants nothing but your money, and will try their best to get it through various semi-scams.