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traveling suggestions in and around kunming

newlifewjj (3 posts) • 0

Hi, I am new to Kunming, I am planning to travel in or around kunming for the national holiday. But I don't like the crowds during the golden week.

Does any of you have any suggestions for some good routs? I would appreciate if you post some suggestions for me. I am a single female, I like traveling and adventure, but I prefer safe routs.

I would also like to find some traveling partners, it would be much more fun to travel with more people than just by myself.

You could leave me a note on this site or email me 729718196@qq.com

Thank you very much. Have a blessed week.

lemon lover (1006 posts) • 0

If you "don't like the crowds during the golden week" than I can I only advise you to stay at home.

Crowds are what golden weeks are all about.

Natsymir (101 posts) • 0

Any place remotely close to Kunming will be crowded in Golden Week, unless it's super-mega obscure. Dali, Lijiang, Jiangshui, Shibaoshan, Shaxi, Jizushan; forget about it.

Nujiang valley is your best bet; Bingzhongluo will still have available rooms if you arrive early/book ahead, as will the country guesthouses. Luckily, Nujiang valley is also one of the best destinations in all of Yunnan, and possibly the earth. The problem is; it's very remote, it'll take you almost two days to get to Bingzhongluo, even if you bus all the way to Fugong from Kunming.

HFCAMPO (3062 posts) • 0

The highway from Kunming to Dali is terrible during Golden Week. Expect multiple accidents on that road and the 4 hour trip can take up to 7-8 hours.

newlifewjj (3 posts) • 0

Dear all, thank you very much for replying to me. I am sorry that I don't know how to reply to you individually, a big thanks to you, all your information is very useful to me.

lemon lover (1006 posts) • 0

I second HFCAMPO's remark about the motorway between Kunming and Dali. It is shear madness.

Keep in mind that in China it is forbidden to drive on motorways as a student so nobody had any training driving on motorways and this especially shows during Golden Weeks. People who never drove on a motorway before in their life drive fast SUV's like there is no tomorrow. Overtaking via the hard shoulder seems to be the rule. (Many of them might be drunk). Others just park their car on the emergency stopping lane and have a pick nick.

Same probably applies for other motorways.

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