Storied temple compound dating back to 1602, once rebuilt by infamous general Wu Sangui.

The natural scenery in the Golden Temple Scenic Area is beautiful. The path passes through the forest, the green trees cover the sky, and the sun shines from the gaps between the leaves, which is visible on the ground. The road is quiet and there are occasional bird songs, which is the essence of Taoist culture.

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  • NameGolden Temple
  • AddressChuanjin Lu, Kunming
  • HAPPY HOUR7:30am-6:00pm
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Golden Temple • Chuanjin Lu

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If you're tired of endless concrete and looking for some good old grass to sit on, it's also worth going to.

You can either immediately take a fork to the right once through the entrance, or there are paths down from the bell tower sign posted 'cedar dotted fields' which you bump into going down the road behind the bell tower. Great place for a picnic.

Also the bell tower has a fairly decent view of Kunming.


The temple itself is interesting, but small; the surrounding exhibitions range from pointless and boring to rather fascinating, but you really need to know chinese or have somebody translating for you to get anything out of it. If you only have limited time in Kunming, skip it and head for the Bamboo Temple instead. Otherwise it's worth a visit.