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Forums > Living in Kunming > Getting an Xbox 360 unlocked?

There is a place that might be able to help you with getting it unlocked, it's up some stairs on 民生街 a side road off wuyi road.

One of my students told me about it, there are tons of xbox shops and people doing repairs there as well as having loads of linked xboxes and ps3's and that kinda stuff.

If wuyi road is behind you as you walk along 民生街, the entrance is on the left, you go up some stairs to the 2nd or 3rd floor and it covers most of the 2nd floor of the building with maybe 20-30 very small shops.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Pay rate at XDF

I've heard from Chinese friends that XDF for the most part employs Chinese staff to teach English (particularly those who have been to study abroad) and that the salary for their Chinese 'English teachers' is excellent.

Apparently it starts low in the first year but after a few years it becomes very good compared to other training schools. Maybe this is where the good salary rumor has come from? for Chinese staff?

When I was looking for jobs I got a similar offer from them, about 100 yuan per hour, but the impression they gave me was that this was for an English corner style class, which involved mostly sitting around chatting and not teaching a formal lesson. But I don't know for sure.
They definitely said that they only had one foreigner doing English corners at that time. But all in all not an attractive offer really.


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If you're tired of endless concrete and looking for some good old grass to sit on, it's also worth going to.

You can either immediately take a fork to the right once through the entrance, or there are paths down from the bell tower sign posted 'cedar dotted fields' which you bump into going down the road behind the bell tower. Great place for a picnic.

Also the bell tower has a fairly decent view of Kunming.