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Looking for a quiet place with free WIFI

plumeria23 (1 post) • 0

I'm looking for a quiet place to study at a cafe somewhere with wifi. Anyone know of a place close to Yun Nan University?

tommann (423 posts) • 0

French Cafe upstairs *can* be quiet, and of course the ubiquitous Starbucks, two of which are not too far from Yun Dad, on Renmin Zhong Lu.

Ifoundthetuna (370 posts) • 0

I like to do my quiet work at Cafe Prague, the Wenlinjie branch.
It's not exactly as quiet as a library in there but they have good strong coffee, good prices for alright food and outdoor seats.

They have free WiFi, too. Although sometimes the modem crashes and you need to tell the waiters to reset the WiFi.
My favourite quiet place at WLJ.

chris8080 (226 posts) • 0

Starbucks is the best for study. Quiet, comfortable, no smoking, and the brewed coffee's half the price (by volume) of wenlin jie. Also the staff are always friendly and happy to practice Chinese with you.

Chicha78 (51 posts) • 0

French cafe is ok, if you dont mind groups of Chinese youths lighting up and polluting your air-space, and over-priced food with questionable service. Wicker basket is not bad but you will have to refrain your angst by listening to the same 1, 2 Bible music over and over again.

Maybe Starbucks as chris8080 suggested, at least you know there is no mouse poo in your coffee.

laotou (1714 posts) • 0

Sunshine cafe in the international yunda apartment area - free wifi - MODEST menu - super quiet and secluded in a beautiful airy garden-like tea-house-like setting (daytimes). And to whit an earlier grumpy post - doesn't matter if you smoke or not - the place is airy, secluded - usually quiet and sparsely populated during the days, so don't know how long they'll be able stay in business - but I think that about most small tea houses and stores in Kunming...but that's another muse-inspiring thread.

Oh...Mazagran - like Salvadors (unabashed plug) consistently nice food, excellent staff, bit crowded, and definitely NO SMOKING (enforced). Salvadors is no smoking on the ground floor, but the "patio" and second floor are open season...and for historically troublesome reasons - Salvadors does NOT offer wifi - you gotta plug in on the ground floor (but seriously - if you're not watching videos - get a WLAN USB dongle from any of the major telcos).

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