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Forums > Living in Kunming > Riot, and Displaced Peasents; New VIP Apartments

10.45am today, an angry crowd of displaced peasant's with sticks and metal batons confront security services and police at the property sales department of the new VIP apartment estate near Jin Niu Xiao Qu (just off Jin Lan Lu 金兰路). Any other riots seen this month in Kunming?

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New store Brooklyn Pizza presents well, with new thin crust and cheese to please, bar and fine pizza dining. Pizza's are New York style and Mid-ranged priced. Only down side is the staff, one girl on the bar/ dining, totally forgot about my pizza even though I was the first in for lunch. Anyway after waiting 1.5 hours for my pizza and watching 4 other tables get their pizza's eaten it was well worth it. Kitchen/ Pizza Staff are top notch! She might have to lay off the Jay's and remember people's order's, especially when your first in line.


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Its all the hidden sugar, oil, lack of exercise. Good points Dazzer/ Krismoonpie. Tiger, even though there are correlations, a person's weight actually has no reference to type II diabetes. Waist circumference is a better measure (i.e. in layman's terms' the beer gut).

Also China's tea production has increase but per capita consumption decreased. Pu-erh tea is a hypoglycaemic agent, which is in declining per capita consumption. Even though all this is staring the government and medical researchers, medical practitioners in the face, why are things getting worse? Co-morbidities with cancer, heart failure, highly organized urban dwellings and structured society, what better way to control a birth rate than to decrease fertility rates (double the 11%, it takes two to tango, unless the milkman is doing the rounds in your neighborhood); diabetes effects 25% or more of China's population and at the same time reduce life expectancy due to morbid obesity and type II diabetes and associated diseases. I am a medical researcher with a Ph.D. in nutrition and from a herbal (Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy, 'not black box TCM') and nutritional medicine practitioner working in Yunnan for a medical university in research and affiliated with the Academy of Sciences. Fade diets etc., such as Paleo/ Low carb are exactly that, fads. There is nothing wrong with complex carbohydrates, except laptops and a sedentary lifestyle. Keep a food diary for 3 days and wear a pedometer and you will soon work out what is going on. Also how many people with diabetes consult a trained and qualified nutritionist instead of looking for answers on the internet, or consult a GP sales rep (and they are growing in Chinese hospitals)? Take this tablet and we will keep your symptoms under control. There are literally hundreds of native grown Yunnan food and herbal species that modulate blood sugar and fats. The bottom line is people do not want to eat them. When was the last time you ate Bitter Melon salad? Fenugreek tea? Mmmm, bitter and hard to digest. Or maybe a dash of Gymnema instead of the burger and fries at one of those 'Western cafes' with a 'polluted menu' in Kunming? Have you ever asked for no oil or salt, or sugar in your food here in China? Its like going to war with the chefs. They cannot fathom why someone would not want their food not drowned in pig fat, salt and sugar. Genetic conditioning over multiple generations will 'weed' out the weak and susceptible, keep the Minoans distracted and diseased (easier to control) and Like Americans in the 80's, Soda is it. What about China's booming cafe market and coffee culture a.k.a sugar market. Have you ever measured, is there more coffeee or sugar in that Starpucks Mocachino? Again that invisible syrup you cant see. Maccas, KFC, and their Chinese imitators are raking in the cash, not to mention bogus medical products on the market. Face it, the sheeple of China are breed to be workers, for their growing commercial overlords. Now the country is adopting more technology, Shopping malls, brands, China is shedding 'weight' in functional labor population but keeping a growing majority in a diseased state and reducing their life expectancy. It is an easier way to reduce population within a 30 year time frame. Welcome to affluenza China and social change.

Japanese research literature and also research conducted by Kunming Science and Tech., University clearly state that the phosphate pollution (which provides substrate for blue-green algal growth) is in the sediment of Dianchi after 40 years of dumping sewerage and industrial waste into the lake. At the same time continuing industrial pollution and reducing the water volume via irrigation.

Dilution will not work. Its like adding more water to a cup of water with an ink well in the bottom, it maybe look a little less green, but it is still green. What worked was a little 'green' or should I write 'red' went west to Switzerland. The problem is all the things you can't see in China (the 1% of that 1.5 billion dollars that got spend on discretionary funds), including the source of pollution sitting 4 meters on the bottom of Dianchi lake.

Do not kid yourself, someones friend of a friend got a pile of notes along side the polly who wrote his cheque, and folks that is just the way it is here in China and also back in the West.


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