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Thanks. Tiger, I'll remember this thread and take you up on your word in about a month or two :) Take-over is in the beginning of April so we'll spend the next couple of months trying to scrape some cash together first.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Home Improvement in kunming

I'm gonna semi-hijack this thread for a bit: We're getting a new apartment in a few months -the empty, bare concrete shell kind- and we've begun looking at how much it would cost to do it up. Do any of you guys who've been through the same have a rough estimate on how much, say, a bathroom or a kitchen should be budgeted at? We're probably aiming for the regular not-too-shabby-but-not-exactly-luxury approach. For reference, it's a standard 131 sqm, 3 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, 2 balconies deal. Anything really would help, I've had people tell me it can be done for 8 wan and others who refuse to believe it's doable for less than 30, so yeah, rather confusing.

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Buffet places in China often have sizeable discounts in the form of VIP cards where you have to buy 10,20 or more tickets. Many "5" star hotels offer this. We usually buy a stack every month at either a nice hotel restaurant nearby: normal price 138, 20 tickets for 998 but they have to be used within a month or at the local golf club 998 for 15, same 30 days deal. Either way, if you go to any place and get 2 meat and 3 veggie dishes, it's often 100 yuan or more. Here you get better quality, nice surroundings, 40-50 dishes to shovel from as well as juice/soft drinks/beer included as well as cakes/pastries and ice cream. It's really a no-brainer if you can find a good place with a decent discount system.

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"If you genuinely believe that God has called you to witness to folk who would otherwise end up in an eternity in Hell, then technicalities such as legality, how you obtain a visa and how you attract individuals with whom you can share your faith are not critical issues. You do what you have to, to save souls."

Sounds like a plausible excuse for Islamic terrorists as well. I know what you're trying to say, I just don't buy into the basic reasoning as being objectively acceptable. That said, as a committed anti-theist, I never back down from a good discussion :)


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3 to 5 years to set up rules, regulations and laws on shale gas extraction?! And here I thought that one of the pros of having a government like China's (cough, cough, haaaark, spit!) was that the decision-making process was speedy when needed.

And yes, we all know TallAm has a point unfortunately. Increased consumption pared with limited fossil fuel reserves make it inevitable that every single extractable deposit will be done with eventually, and as time passes, fewer and fewer environmental concerns will be addressed.

Wonder how they'll cope with the millions of migrant construction workers in a year or two when constructions grinds down to a 10th of what it is now. Seems like President Jin will be juggling several hot potatoes soon. I'll be looking for an apartment next year, so naturally I wouldn't mind a 15-20 percent drop in real estate prices personally, although I doubt it will be that much. The Chinese characteristics of this particular area of economics tell me no one wants to even consider selling with a loss unless the bank is there, knocking at your door, and the Chinese generally have a significantly smaller percentage of the RE value mortgaged than we on average have in the West due to savings and/or family loans before coughing up with the deposit.

Come to think of it, predicting what's going to happen in China it's a bit like putting on a blindfold, aim, and hope the dart ends up somewhere in the general direction of the board.



Went there yesterday and it totally made my week. Nice decor and friendly staff and a real salad bar. Sadly we both wanted mexican food so I can't really say much about their other courses. The food was great but just a tad spicier would have improved the dish. The best thing was that we almost had the place to ourselves and we could have a quiet conversation without shouting, spitting Chinese people in the background. I realised how much I had missed that since coming here.


We went to Chicago Coffee a couple of days ago and it was a nice experience. The place is cozy with soft comfy chairs (I realized how much I have missed one since coming here) and they have a nice little collection of English language books in the corner consisting mainly of classics and travel litterature. I was looking forward to trying their advertized tortilla bar but it wasn't up and running that evening.

Instead we went for 2 12 inch pizzas -roast chicken and pepperoni- but we quickly realized that 1 would have been enough. Those things are heavy. I am mainly into Italian style pizza but Chicago's double layered pizzas are well worth a try. Their coffee seems to be a bit on the expensive side but people say good things about it and they have got a nice selection. I wouldn't mind dropping by again some day,, hopefully when they've got the tortilla thing going. English speaking staff btw.