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Forums > Living in Kunming > Justice?

Although your friend has my sympathy the school is not doing anything wrong not even by refusing to give you his class schedule or deliver the message for you. The guy is paying his tuition there and he is their customer. How could a school give away their customer's class schedule based on your side of story - sorry - if they did it would be unprofessional - unless you get police involved which I think it is very unlikely in this case.

Delivering the message - depending on what it is. " please ask xx to call xxx back and the number is xxxx " This shouldn't be any problem. But if the message sounds anything like " Please tell xxx he got xxx pregnant and he didn't pay for abortion and he is not a decent man....." - it is too personal and it would be inappropriate for a school to deliver such messages.

The situation is a mess and the proof you have got is not enough to take him to the court so it's best to sort out between two people getting least people involved.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Justice?

You have a French guy who got a Chinese woman pregnant,took her money - so you said. And the best thing you could do is to blame his Chinese connection for not helping you to deliver a message and justice in China???? What result you would like to achieve by delivering this message? What difference would it make if the message was delivered? YOu think he doesn't know what's happening?

You know where he studies -KCEL why don't you go there and confront him instead of relying on someone else to " deliver your message"?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Justice?

You are confused and your post is confusing. Stop blame China for every problem you have. This man is laowai? So I assume most of his connections you have talked to are laowai too? The way they responsed has got nothing to do with Chinese sense of justice! On top of that, what are you expecting from them? This situation is too messy, a heartbroken woman, money, abortion. How can people make a clear judgement based on one,side of story? I suggest you go to police. Its too early to comment on chinese justice wirhout testing it. I think police would be happy to help you on rhis matter - China is planning a clean-up on its foreign population kicking out the bad foreigners


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The Chinese girl with African hairstyle is hopelessly miserable. It is not the first time I was there and had to put up with her ignorance. A year ago she wasn't so bad, almost friendly and helpful. But for some unknown reason she decided to look "cool" – no smile – okay fair enough – we don't expect to see the smiley waitresses all the time. But completely ignoring your customers and gave no response is called ignorant and bad attitude.

Not the first time did we ask for something she showed no sign of hearing with no response eventually she brought what we asked. But, hello! Are we not worth of answering and acknowledgement? Do you know this is rude? Have you been taught this is called ignorant?

People have been complaining about waitresses in other places but at least they have their good days and bad days. However this girl has constantly ruined our meal.

One star for the pizza.



You would expect to get what it said on the menu if you paid 125yuan/person for Christmas dinner.

There is NO antipasta as described.

The food was served slightly cold.

Cranberry sauce and gravy ran out way before the turkey finished. .

The only good thing was dessert.

We don't live close by and if you travelled a long way to have meal there because of the good reviews you were expecting something better than that!