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Forums > Living in Kunming > Pepper spray or mace vs wild dogs

PINS? - What a brainless and cruel suggestion! So you are chased by dogs and you want to cripple them and hurt them in such a horrible way? I am pretty sure some dogs mean no harm and it is part of their nature just run after bikes. To take one step further: what if kids step on it?

The original idea of pepper spray is actually workable and you can make it yourself. Get some ground pepper and mix it with water. Then put the mixture into the bottle with spray head. Shake it and spray!

Or just put some juicy hot chilli sauce into the water ......there are many ways of doing it.

Forums > Food & Drink > Kunming Good Eats

Thai cuisine on the 18th floor of Sakura Hotel.

Dai restaurant DAI FENG YUAN on the second floor of 汇都国际美食城on Baita Road - they use clean oil and my only trustful cold dish place.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Dog Friendly Kunming

I think the whole China is not dog friendly as dog meat is still served in some of small restaurants. But there are an increasing number of people who keep dogs as pets and start to show concern towards animal welfare. I have a dog and I take her to the bank - no one said anything yet. Some taxi drivers don't mind small breeds. I always keep my dog on the lead and if I let her off running around once a while I always keep her in my sight. There are people who are stealing dogs selling them to the restaurant for money - the bigger the breed the more chance of being stolen. I have heard so many stories about people losing their dogs to the thieves so if you love your dog keep a good eye on him/her.


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The Chinese girl with African hairstyle is hopelessly miserable. It is not the first time I was there and had to put up with her ignorance. A year ago she wasn't so bad, almost friendly and helpful. But for some unknown reason she decided to look "cool" – no smile – okay fair enough – we don't expect to see the smiley waitresses all the time. But completely ignoring your customers and gave no response is called ignorant and bad attitude.

Not the first time did we ask for something she showed no sign of hearing with no response eventually she brought what we asked. But, hello! Are we not worth of answering and acknowledgement? Do you know this is rude? Have you been taught this is called ignorant?

People have been complaining about waitresses in other places but at least they have their good days and bad days. However this girl has constantly ruined our meal.

One star for the pizza.



You would expect to get what it said on the menu if you paid 125yuan/person for Christmas dinner.

There is NO antipasta as described.

The food was served slightly cold.

Cranberry sauce and gravy ran out way before the turkey finished. .

The only good thing was dessert.

We don't live close by and if you travelled a long way to have meal there because of the good reviews you were expecting something better than that!