The Jianshe Lu campus of Huayang Academy is located in Kunming's central university district. Nearby universities include Kunming University of Science and Technology, Yunnan Normal University, and Yunnan University.

Our school has beautifully decorated classrooms and carefully chosen equipment. Our instructors are all qualified and dedicated teachers.

We offer useful Mandarin classes, dormitory accommodations, English classes and legal student visas for those studying with us. Through our lessons and activities you will experience local culture firsthand as you learn Chinese.

Our experienced teachers and passionate officers will give you a hand anywhere, anytime making you feel like one of the family.

Huayang also has branches in Lijiang and Dali Old Town.

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  • NameKunming Huayang Academy for Language and Culture
  • Address6/F Vanke Xuefu Building (intersection of Xuefu Lu and Jianshe Lu), Kunming
  • MOBILECrystal: 18988079067, Rosy: 13577076378
  • Phone(0871) 65128600
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Kunming Huayang Academy for Language and Culture • 6/F Vanke Xuefu Building (intersection of Xuefu Lu and Jianshe Lu)

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I like Hua Yang. As far as teaching goes, it is a sound school. Although last semester was good, I have been particularly impressed with our new teacher for this semester (Alex). He's sound. The school has a great, relaxed learning environment, classes just the right size (about 4-8 students). There are a good bunch of people there, classmates are a right laugh and the staff are really friendly. Lori and a Amanda both need a special mention, they have helped me incredibly on a personal level, from help with visas, to managing my finances and also helping me adjust to life in China. Aside from the tuition, the staff and students regularly organise social events like trips out, picnics and that, and there is a free coffee machine. The location is good too, a stone's throw from good eateries and plenty of foreign bars (Barfly is 5mins walk if that). I genuinely look forward to going to school on a Monday


My second semester in Huayang after doing one semester in Dali campus. Lovely school with great teachers and helpful staff ( LORI !! ) The details really count - clean toilet, Fresh coffee every morning and tea. Going to be sad to leave this school. Anyone thinking of going here check this out <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">[...]</a>


When I first decided to study Chinese in China, I had no idea about Huayang or Kunming! So happy I discovered both. Huayang has great students and teachers. Lori is amazing and helped me settle in with stuff she really didnt have to do. Group class is great and meeting up with friends and teachers after class for a coffee or beer is always nice when you've done too much studying. Very cheap almost too cheap around 600USD for a semester. I would have to say I think they could benefit from a few things, first teachers shouldnt do admin jobs like Visa runs etc. They're busy enough, and maybe set up smaller group classes for dedicated students, I've spoken to my classmates and we would be happy to pay it. Hopefully next semester


I've studied at Huayang for more than four years and have never regretted coming to that school to study Chinese. Although Chinese language does seem difficult and stuff, id say that's because you haven't attended classes at Huayang. It's been a pleasure studying and meeting all those great people from all around the globe. Highly recommend this school