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I like Hua Yang. As far as teaching goes, it is a sound school. Although last semester was good, I have been particularly impressed with our new teacher for this semester (Alex). He's sound. The school has a great, relaxed learning environment, classes just the right size (about 4-8 students). There are a good bunch of people there, classmates are a right laugh and the staff are really friendly. Lori and a Amanda both need a special mention, they have helped me incredibly on a personal level, from help with visas, to managing my finances and also helping me adjust to life in China. Aside from the tuition, the staff and students regularly organise social events like trips out, picnics and that, and there is a free coffee machine. The location is good too, a stone's throw from good eateries and plenty of foreign bars (Barfly is 5mins walk if that). I genuinely look forward to going to school on a Monday


Barfly is a decent bar. In terms of atmosphere, the closest you'll get to a British pub in Kunming, complete with scruffy, foul-mouthed English landlord. Nice range of beers, some a bit dear, having said that, one of them's a 12% stout that'll knock your twat off. Food's alright, sausage and mash and the sorts. Barfly is a good place to go to meet people, good mix of foreigners and Chinese, hardly ever any fighting. They have a regular pub quiz and music-themed nights, and it's not uncommon to enjoy a light-night lock in if you time it right. One of my favourite places to have a drink as a matter of fact.