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Hey Peter,

I am at Huayang Academy and they provided me with a Visa. I don't think that tourism Visas can be changed to student visas anymore but drop into the school and talk to Lori some time.

A spanish student in level 1 recently went to Bangkok and got his Visa from a student Visa. Teachers here are good and the students are very nice too free coffee and tea and clean facilities.

Corner of Xuefu rd and Jianshe they have a page on here with the address

Forums > Study > Normal amount of hours per semester

If this helps you might want to look at private schools. I'm at Huayang Academy and pay 4,000 a semester for 2 classes a day and full X1 visa. There is also Keats which is more downtown I think and same price which I've heard is good and KCEL which I don't know about. Just means you can pick a place to suit where you live. I am thought by Alex who is a very good teacher. Best of luck!


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On my magical journey through each Huayang School I finally spent a week at Lijiang Campus last week. I'm mainly at the Kunming campus but have been to Dali for a week too.

Lori - Very very helpful for working visa, apartment, making friends, putting me in touch with other cyclists.

Class - My teachers were very good I studied 1 on 1 in the mornings for 3 hours and spent the rest of my days enjoying Lijiang.

Place - one of the most beautiful places in the world, awesome culture and very friendly people

Thanks Lijiang I will be back some time!


Just spend two weeks in Dali campus of Huayang and now back at the Kunming campus. I was expecting Dali and Kunming to be quite similar but they are actually very different. Dali is very laid back and more like a beautiful European coastal city. Really loved it and that there was many Chinese travellers really helped with practicing Chinese. The location of the school near the 3 towers is a great location near the old city


My second semester in Huayang after doing one semester in Dali campus. Lovely school with great teachers and helpful staff ( LORI !! ) The details really count - clean toilet, Fresh coffee every morning and tea. Going to be sad to leave this school. Anyone thinking of going here check this out <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">[...]</a>


Lovely bar with great staff. Excellent place for a newcomer to Kunming to make friends play poker and have some good Beers