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Normal amount of hours per semester

Trk11 (11 posts) • 0

im looking at a universities in yunnan. i found one i like but they charge 12000rmb for a school year.
they offer 60 units a semester each is 40 minutes. it seems very pricey can i have some input. thanks

kurtosis (86 posts) • 0

12000 RMB / 150h = 80RMB/h. A good price, most charge 100 RMB/h for one-on-one.

150h per school year is unlikely. Most likely, they mean 150h per SEMESTER - that would be 10h per week, which is the minimum to apply for a student visa.

10h a week is too few teaching for optimal learning progress tho.
Moreover, a whole year will then cost 24'000 RMB.

tigertiger - moderator (5080 posts) • +1

Reading between the lines of precious posts, and adding some additional information.

40 hours for 6000 rmb is 150 rmb per hour, for 1 on 1, and that is within the normal range of a language school, but private tutors are cheaper. This is not a universities normal offering.

A university normally offers 16-20 hours of teaching per week. Semesters vary but are usually around 20 weeks.
Assuming that the 12,000 rmb you mentioned is for tuition only for two semesters, and assuming 20 hours per week. That is 800 hours in a year. About 15rmb/hour.
If 12000 rmb is tuition and accommodation, that is most likely to be one semester only. That would be 30rmb/hour and includes accommodation.

Most universities have a website page that outlines what you get for your money. You just need to find it and go digging. If it is in Chinese, then go digging using google translate.

LanceP (3 posts) • +1

If this helps you might want to look at private schools. I'm at Huayang Academy and pay 4,000 a semester for 2 classes a day and full X1 visa. There is also Keats which is more downtown I think and same price which I've heard is good and KCEL which I don't know about. Just means you can pick a place to suit where you live. I am thought by Alex who is a very good teacher. Best of luck!

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