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Forums > Travel Yunnan > exchange rmb for dollar

hello, im leaving china and i need to exchange a stack of rmb for dollar does anyone know a reliable place that lets foreigners exchange. thanks

Forums > Travel Yunnan > can you hold mutiple visas

thanks for all the answers, to debaser i just wanna know what my future options are. to alpage was a it a 2 months at a time 9 year open entry visa. 9 years seems like a strange number.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Phone repair

Can i ask what make is phone, and what firmware do yo want flashed on it. what problem are you having with the stock firmware?

Forums > Travel Yunnan > can you hold mutiple visas

i know this might be an obvious no brainer. i have a 10 year open entry

L visa. im switching to an x1 visa. does my L visa get canceled out?
After a year, do i need to go all the way back to the states to get another 10 year open entry, or can you get one in Lao/Hk. thanks


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