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Tourist to Student Visa: Leaving the country?

peter_cn (6 posts) • 0

Hello everybody!

I am currently visiting Kunming as a Tourist (30 day Tourist Visa) and saw that there are rich oportunities to study Chinese in Kunming.

I am thinking of taking classes for one semster.

However it seems that it is not possible to start studying right away, but I was told I have to first go back to Europe or HK to issue there a student visa.
Considering the extra flights and hotels needed I wonder if this is worth the effort.

Is there no other option but leaving the country and issueing the visa outside of China?
Is it needed to go to HK or home? Or can I also fly to Bangkok or take the train to Hanoi?

I really appreciate your suggestions!

LanceP (3 posts) • 0

Hey Peter,

I am at Huayang Academy and they provided me with a Visa. I don't think that tourism Visas can be changed to student visas anymore but drop into the school and talk to Lori some time.

A spanish student in level 1 recently went to Bangkok and got his Visa from a student Visa. Teachers here are good and the students are very nice too free coffee and tea and clean facilities.

Corner of Xuefu rd and Jianshe they have a page on here with the address

CanadianRus (3 posts) • 0

You should drop in at the Entry Exit Bureau near Tuodong subway.

They can help you there.

I know they can convert visas.

If not, maybe Hong Kong.

Kongming (83 posts) • 0

You can make the at chinese consulate in Chiang Mai, Thailand, I'm told. That's not too far away.

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