The Jianshe Lu campus of Huayang Academy is located in Kunming's central university district. Nearby universities include Kunming University of Science and Technology, Yunnan Normal University, and Yunnan University.

Our school has beautifully decorated classrooms and carefully chosen equipment. Our instructors are all qualified and dedicated teachers.

We offer useful Mandarin classes, dormitory accommodations, English classes and legal student visas for those studying with us. Through our lessons and activities you will experience local culture firsthand as you learn Chinese.

Our experienced teachers and passionate officers will give you a hand anywhere, anytime making you feel like one of the family.

Huayang also has branches in Lijiang and Dali Old Town.

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  • NameKunming Huayang Academy for Language and Culture
  • Address6/F Vanke Xuefu Building (intersection of Xuefu Lu and Jianshe Lu), Kunming
  • MOBILECrystal: 18988079067, Rosy: 13577076378
  • Phone(0871) 65128600
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Kunming Huayang Academy for Language and Culture • 6/F Vanke Xuefu Building (intersection of Xuefu Lu and Jianshe Lu)

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"I have nothing but alots of good things to say say about Huayang Academy"
I have just be studying at huayang for 4 months now and i enjoyed every minute of it. All of the instructors are very encouraging and knowledgable and can answer any questions you have . As well all of the staff are amazing and the school in general is very accommodating to any needs you have. They are group and private classes and they are very flexible depending on your needs. The learning environment is very conducive and the location is ideal and very accessible via bus. The class size are very small which allows for individual attention to each student. As well there is variety of ages studying so you don't need to worry about been too young or old . The school provide many interesting activaties like celebrating student birthday, go on slight seeing and picnic etc.
On the first day they give you orientation and give test to know your chinese language level for proper placement. And they give you tips about the city and how to get around, banks etc. I found this school very valuable and i will like to highly recommend Huayang Academy to everyone.


It's been my third semester that I'm attending classes at Huayang academy.

I believe the most important thing about this school is the friendly environment which makes all the students feel welcome. No matter what problem do you have, all the people working for this school will always do everything they can to help you.

School is providing lot of activities during every semester which you are welcome to join.

When it comes to having classes at this school - teachers are always well prepared, hard working and doing the best they can to make their students feel happy, interested and push the students to work harder. Not only during class, but after class, teachers are always more than welcome to help answer our questions. If there is something you don't know, for example some word you don't understand - our teacher is always trying to explain the meaning of this word and how and when to use it to us, so after that I don't have to look for this word in dictionary. Most importantly, teachers don't make me feel like they are my teachers, but more like they are my friends. And that's the feeling that is the most important for me when it comes to study chinese. Of course everything is based on respect which we share towards each other.

The best how to describe this school is as a place, with friendly environment where you come not only to learn about chinese culture, language but also about other countries culture which you share with your classmates, which eventually become your friends as well.

Most of the time after the class, we all still stay in the school. Sharing our thoughts, our plans or some interesting stories. And I believe that's why many people should attend this school. Not only you will learn chinese, you will have really hard working teachers but mostly, you will be surrounded by people that will make you feel more than welcome.



Already studied here for 3 semesters and I could say that Hua Yang is one of the best private schools i tried. The teachers are very kind, passionate and encouraging, especially teacher Joy and Amanda, very patient and knowledgeable. The class size is small so the teachers have more time for each student. I think the school is perfect for those who already have basic knowledge of chinese since you can pratice your speaking skill and advance your level quite a lot due to the small class size. The staff is also very helful with visa and stuff. Made a lot of friends here and the atmosphere is nice. Lori the coordinator is super helpful and always goes out of her way to help us the foreign students with many things that not even her responsibilities. All in all my experience at Hua Yang has been excellent and i highly recommend this school.


Very good value course around 500 euro plus full X1 visa support.

Teacher ( Amanda ) is very good at pushing the class forward and really making sure everyone learns and people not studying have to do so as not to slow the class down.

Class sizes are fine, 6 students in my class is perfect size.

Lori the co-ordinator for students is really helpful especially with tricky things like opening bank accounts.

School itself is clean and tidy with free coffee/tea and a nice friendly atmosphere. altogether I guess around 50 or 60 students which is good for making friends or getting advice on how to live here as a foreigner. Close to good bars and plenty to eat nearby.

We have a 3 bedroom apartment closeby for around 400 euro per month which is nice. Seems to be other good quality places available.

Already thinking of extending my stay here


If zero stars were an option I'd use that as my rating.
In my first semester we had 4 different teachers, one who couldn't speak ANY english (and as we couldn't yet speak ANY Chinese we got NOwhere.) One who only spoke english (I think he used us as practice for his own study) One was nearly perfect so of course this joke of a "school" fired her for not wanting to come to their weekly hours long meetings (unpaid of course because slave labor is still alive and well at HuaYang.) Aside from the abhorrent level of "education" displayed by this institution they were also either completely incapable or totally unwilling to perform even the most basic tasks. The only positive attribute I can place at the feet of this exemplary manifestation of Disastrous Incompetence is that the Aiye's who work for the building, keep the communal bathroom (complete with western toilet) acceptably clean.