The Jianshe Lu campus of Huayang Academy is located in Kunming's central university district. Nearby universities include Kunming University of Science and Technology, Yunnan Normal University, and Yunnan University.

Our school has beautifully decorated classrooms and carefully chosen equipment. Our instructors are all qualified and dedicated teachers.

We offer useful Mandarin classes, dormitory accommodations, English classes and legal student visas for those studying with us. Through our lessons and activities you will experience local culture firsthand as you learn Chinese.

Our experienced teachers and passionate officers will give you a hand anywhere, anytime making you feel like one of the family.

Huayang also has branches in Lijiang and Dali Old Town.

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  • NameKunming Huayang Academy for Language and Culture
  • Address6/F Vanke Xuefu Building (intersection of Xuefu Lu and Jianshe Lu), Kunming
  • MOBILECrystal: 18988079067, Rosy: 13577076378
  • Phone(0871) 65128600
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Kunming Huayang Academy for Language and Culture • 6/F Vanke Xuefu Building (intersection of Xuefu Lu and Jianshe Lu)

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Teaching and support lamentable.

Four people signed up for the highest-level class and got a teacher who does all the talking, refers to herself as 老师 and makes classes absolutely uninteresting. As of this moment, only 1 person is still going on a regular basis.

While staff is friendly, they are absolutely incapable to help out with visa matters in an adequate way. Lack of information beforehand, lack of support and lack of information during the visa process meant that I am waiting forever for my residence permit to be processed, without any information about why it's taking so long, why they can't get started ... I'd say this school is a good option if all you wanted is a visa, but they can't even handle this properly.

Anyone giving this school a 5-star rating hasn't been to any decently-run schools in Kunming, such as Keats'. The only redeeming quality is facilities and space, those are indeed excellent.


I and my 2 friends study here more then 2 months. It's really amicable, great, modern staff, teachers and atmosphere! All halls are very cute and tidy.
When you study here, you really feel Chinese language. Its not boring drilling or grammar, grammar, grammar! All classes full of powerful practice! Discussions, philosophy, useful games, sense of classmates' rhythm, From these crucial parts consists our study!
I recommend this school! If you really want to speak and understand Chinese, you are Welcome!

На Русском:
Во первых, невероятно отзывчивый персонал, я и мои друзья в Китае впервые, нам полностью помогли устроиться здесь, сделали визу, и до сих пор помогают с любыми вопросами.

Во вторых, кому-то это возможно не важно, но действительно, школа находится в полностью новом здании, все аудитории новые, чистенькие, ухоженные, в том числе и туалеты. Каждый день намывают, убирают. Это создает достаточно приятную атмосферу для непосредственно учебы.

В третьих, учителя настоящие профессионалы (без преувеличений)! Их потрясающее знание Китайского + Отличный английский действительно ускоряют процесс изучения. Даже если ваш английский не очень, вы все равно со временем начнете постепенно все понимать и говорить (уже на китайском ;), это гарантированно и проверено!
Уроки действительно интересные! Время пролетает незаметно, но с невероятной пользой.

Действительно рекомендую эту школу, оно того стоит!

+2 друзей подписываются! ;)

Если у вас есть вопросы, пишите, чем сможем - поможем и ответим на вопросы: puh o vil @ g mail . com (без пробелов)


Have been studying at Huayang for a few months now. It's a great school: the staff has always been very helpful and kind, and has assisted me changing my visa and getting a new one. The building is brand new, which means everything is clean and bright - toilets included! (and well, studying in a nice environment helps a lot!). My teacher (Joy) is enthusiastic and her classes are always very interesting: apart from the book, she is designing our lessons according to the topics we are interested in (Chinese culture, philosophy, ...). This is what makes the difference to me from the other language schools in Kunming, it's not just "boya chinese", chengyu and "newspaper reading". I would definitely recommend studying here.


I signed up for classes here after two of my friends recommended it. I have been very pleased and happy with the Chinese lessons here. The facility is brand new, clean, and pleasant. The staff are extremely friendly and helpful. My teacher (Jade) is excellent, and class is fun. Moreover, the tuition is very inexpensive for what you get. I highly recommend this school.