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lots of vegetarian buffets around town (search the listings category, there are two in 北辰欣都龙城 in the north, at least one near 云大[...] and one near 莲花池). I have never seen any eggs or dairy products used in their dishes, but it might be a good idea to ask details about cooking methods and ingredients. I think Salvador's, As you Like and Slice of Heaven have vegan options on their menu. Tofu and soy milk are very easy to find.

Forums > Living in Kunming > work visa issue

it depends on what you have agreed with them,different schols have different policies.The school I work for reimbursed the return flight (to Shenzen,not HK,as it was much cheaper),the visa and the permits and the medical check,but not the accomodation in HK. I paid for the flight initially,and then they reimbursed me at the end of the contract

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Hi everybody, has anybody ever hiked to Wenhai village near Lijiang? I was thinking about doing it and staying at the Wenhai Ecolodge but I can't find much information about it.. and very different reviews online. Any advice for people who have been there recently would be appreciated!


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Have been studying at Huayang for a few months now. It's a great school: the staff has always been very helpful and kind, and has assisted me changing my visa and getting a new one. The building is brand new, which means everything is clean and bright - toilets included! (and well, studying in a nice environment helps a lot!). My teacher (Joy) is enthusiastic and her classes are always very interesting: apart from the book, she is designing our lessons according to the topics we are interested in (Chinese culture, philosophy, ...). This is what makes the difference to me from the other language schools in Kunming, it's not just "boya chinese", chengyu and "newspaper reading". I would definitely recommend studying here.