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work visa issue

rowlan (3 posts) • 0

hi guys, quick question: is it usual for the employee to pay for their flight out of China to get a work visa or should the school pay for it?

michael2015 (645 posts) • 0

If you're IN China and your current visa hasn't expired - you should check with PSB (public security bureau). SOMETIMES, you can pay a fee or fine and NOT leave China to renew your work visa.

Geezer (1917 posts) • 0

Do you mean go out of China to get a Z visa?

There isn't really any "should." It depends what has been offered and negotiated. Usually, the school pays for the Z visa, work permit and residence permit. Going out to get your Z visa is usually your dime.

sbarella (105 posts) • 0

it depends on what you have agreed with them,different schols have different policies.The school I work for reimbursed the return flight (to Shenzen,not HK,as it was much cheaper),the visa and the permits and the medical check,but not the accomodation in HK. I paid for the flight initially,and then they reimbursed me at the end of the contract

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