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  • Address6/F Vanke Xuefu Building (intersection of Xuefu Lu and Jianshe Lu), Kunming
  • MobileCrystal: 18988079067, Rosy: 13577076378
  • Phone(0871) 65128600
  • Websitelearnchineseinyunnan.com/
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Kunming Huayang Academy for Language and Culture • 6/F Vanke Xuefu Building (intersection of Xuefu Lu and Jianshe Lu)


The Jianshe Lu campus of Huayang Academy is located in Kunming's central university district. Nearby universities include Kunming University of Science and Technology, Yunnan Normal University, and Yunnan University.

Our school has beautifully decorated classrooms and carefully chosen equipment. Our instructors are all qualified and dedicated teachers.

We offer useful Mandarin classes, dormitory accommodations, English classes and legal student visas for those studying with us. Through our lessons and activities you will experience local culture firsthand as you learn Chinese.

Our experienced teachers and passionate officers will give you a hand anywhere, anytime making you feel like one of the family.

Huayang also has branches in Lijiang and Dali Old Town.



Un ambiente amigable, abierto y distendido para los que buscan clases cómodas, personalizadas y quieran profundizar en la cultura china.

El profesorado esta especializado en chino para extranjeros por lo que conocen los puntos débiles que tenemos sobre el chino. Los grupos no suelen superar los 10 alumnos por clase, por lo que se hace ameno y divertido estudiar con los compañeros.
Aparte de esto, los responsables de la escuela son casi unos tutores y te ayudan en todo lo que necesitas, tanto dentro como fuera de la escuela.


I have been really happy to join Huayang Academy for their spring semester. Every day they have been very welcoming, from providing coffee anytime to helping with any sort of trouble or question I had regarding my living in China. Lori and Amanda helped me a lot, especially for the good laugh in the morning and the family environment they have always encouraged. In the meantime my Chinese has improved a lot since I arrived, thanks to this I have achieved excellent friendships with other chinese people which also made my experience very authentic. I thank Huayang a lot, and I know already that I will see my lovely teachers in the near future!


There are already so many 5 star reviews here that's it's hard to add anything new, but I'll try.

I think an important part of being in a foreign land is that it can be quite intimidating and isolating. For me Huayang was just as much like a family for me, as it was a school. I didn't just feel welcome at the school, but it made me feel welcome in China. The teachers are so accessible, helping with and talking about things that have nothing to do with learning Chinese (apart of course from the fact that they always try to talk at your own level of Chinese). I genuinely miss my time there. Thank you Huayang.


School wasn't able to provide me with the needed papers for the student visa. This is disappointing because they said "yes, four weeks is enough" when I first asked them. Then they kept delaying the deadline till I had to leave the country. I first thought "maybe they didn't screw it up - maybe the government officials did". Then they started to not answer my WeChat messages anymore. So then it was clear to me: THEY must have screwed up the visa process by being unprofessional. Now I'm on a tourist visa and have to leave the country again in 30 days. Thank you, Huayang Academy!


I like Hua Yang. As far as teaching goes, it is a sound school. Although last semester was good, I have been particularly impressed with our new teacher for this semester (Alex). He's sound. The school has a great, relaxed learning environment, classes just the right size (about 4-8 students). There are a good bunch of people there, classmates are a right laugh and the staff are really friendly. Lori and a Amanda both need a special mention, they have helped me incredibly on a personal level, from help with visas, to managing my finances and also helping me adjust to life in China. Aside from the tuition, the staff and students regularly organise social events like trips out, picnics and that, and there is a free coffee machine. The location is good too, a stone's throw from good eateries and plenty of foreign bars (Barfly is 5mins walk if that). I genuinely look forward to going to school on a Monday