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Studied at Huayang Academy Kunming while learning Chinese in China for two months. I wanted to study in Lijiang aswell but after visiting Dali and Lijiang over the holiday I settled on Dali.

Huayang Academy -
Huayang is a great school and is very well looked after by Lori in Kunming ( Visa/accommodation/Bank card etc. ) Found their communication better than other schools in the area that answered Yes/No and didn't seem to have time.

Teaching is great, 4,000rmb for a semester of group class is an amazing price with X1 Visa. But don't be foolish enough to think this is going to help you much. You cannot expect to learn Chinese for 4,000rmb but it is a good starting point.

I took 1 on 1 classes and did my homework at school where I was surrounded by people willing to help me.

Dali is an amazing place to learn. In the mornings I learned with my great teachers in the campus right near the old town and by night I could be practicing with tourists in a Western bar eating pizza or in a Chinese hostel having great conversations with people from all over the country.

Definitely worth spending money on extra lessons as the cost of living is so low. I studied in Guilin and for one month there I can stay in Dali for 6 months with more lessons!