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Im moving to Kunming in a week, what do i need!!!

6ravy (10 posts) • 0

Hey guys, new to this thread. Im moving to Kunming in a week, Anything I need to bring that I cant get there?

Secondly does anyone have advice on travel insurance, I have a friend there saying you can just pay cash at the hospital, should I bother with travel insurance ?


kurtosis (86 posts) • +2

There are many things you can't get in Kunming that you can get in the West - and vice versa. The question is: what do you really need?

I personally only make sure to take enough shoes along as I can't get my size in China.

Travel insurance isn't necessary in Kunming, but the medical system is rather mediocre - you may be forced to fly to Hongkong (or Bangkok or so) for proper treatment. And there you'll pay around 500€ a day in a public hospital, plus treatment costs. An insurance really reduces financial tail risks...

alienew (422 posts) • +1

I think the medical system is fine for ordinary problems and is cheap enough for those who are not rural peasants with serious problems. More complicated medical problems - well, it varies - I think the best is pretty good - have a friend who had triple bypass heart surgery here for US$25,000, he was very satisfied - but the system lacks quality control.

vicar (817 posts) • 0

Why would anyone want to fly to hong kong or bangkok whilst living in Kunming for treatment? Which treatment? Overreacting with a dated perception.

6ravy (10 posts) • 0

500€ a day just for stay? Is it really that expensive. Just would like to know I would be ok if I got in a car accident etc.


JanJal (1117 posts) • 0

@6ravy: "you can just pay cash at the hospital, should I bother with travel insurance"

As long as you indeed can pay, and even need to consider the financial side of whether to buy the insuance or not, then you probably would be fine without.

That decision would become a major problem in situations where you are unable to pay - for example if you are in coma, or something else disastrous happens, that forces you to be evacuated. That'll cost your remaining arm and leg.

But as long as you consider just typical health issues like occassional flu or even broken bone or two, you would be fine paying out of your own pocket.

As for other things you may need - if you will need to get to FB, Google or other foreign web services, you need yo prepare your devices in advance.

nnoble (889 posts) • 0

Travel Insurance /expat insurance / health insurance are different products. If you have the wrong product you may not be covered. Unless you are very rich, you need insurance or you or your family risk losing everything to pay medical fees in the worst case scenario.

nnoble (889 posts) • +1

I was mislead by the thread title. Moving implies becoming an expat.

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