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HSK Info needed

Ma Xiansheng (3 posts) • 0


anyone got up to date information on the HSK test procedure in Kunming (i.e. from the last months)? I checked the website chinesetest.cn but I couldn't find all the information needed for level 3 and 4.

Do they do paper or computer tests here? If both, can I choose?

What does the test cost?

Thanks for helping out!

ricsnapricsnap (193 posts) • 0

And is it required to know how to write by hand, with pen and paper? Or is the computer based exam version allowing for using pinyin only?

Ma Xiansheng (3 posts) • 0

If you're doing the paper test you need to be able to write characters by hand. The computer test allows you to write pinyin and to choose from the suggested characters (like any Chinese word processing program).

I heard in the meanwhile that at Kunming's exam sites, only paper tests are available but I couldn't have that reconfirmed yet. Any additional info on that and on the costs would be very much appreciated!

Alien (3819 posts) • -1

Would hate to think that knowing how to write by hand was no longer considered important.

Liumingke1234 (3297 posts) • -1

The use of the keyboard is making even native Chinese forget how to write characters. That's the truth.

sunjiangyu (24 posts) • 0

Please note these are the prices for taking the HSK Exam in China only. The prices around the world will vary depending on your location.

Exam Level Price in CNY
HSK 1 150
HSK 2 250
HSK 3 350
HSK 4 450
HSK 5 550
HSK 6 650

sunjiangyu (24 posts) • 0

Just a quick update, I signed up for the HSK today and in addition to the fees mentioned above there was a 75 RMB fee for processing and mailing the certificate (to a Kunming address). The test is only available for the computer based version and you can only sign up online for the test center in Songming. Dali is also doing the test but the website says you have to sign up in person at the test center.

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