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If you're doing the paper test you need to be able to write characters by hand. The computer test allows you to write pinyin and to choose from the suggested characters (like any Chinese word processing program).

I heard in the meanwhile that at Kunming's exam sites, only paper tests are available but I couldn't have that reconfirmed yet. Any additional info on that and on the costs would be very much appreciated!

Forums > Study > HSK Info needed


anyone got up to date information on the HSK test procedure in Kunming (i.e. from the last months)? I checked the website but I couldn't find all the information needed for level 3 and 4.

Do they do paper or computer tests here? If both, can I choose?

What does the test cost?

Thanks for helping out!


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Thanks for this travelogue! Does anyone have any info on the hike from Bapo to Gongshan? How long does it take? Is it very hard to cross the Gaoligong Mountains? Is a tent & stove necessary for this trek or are there some villages on the road? How far is it? Thanks!



A bit of staff training (or exchange) wouldn't do any harm... annoyingly ignorant behaviour of the waiter, who prefers to play with his phone instead of serving the guests. The ordered dish (once it came after about 25 minutes) was not correct and eventually tasted boring. Cannot be that hard guys, you're not the only burger providers in town anymore...