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Yunda ready to move

Alexez (347 posts) • 0

Just an update of Yunnan Uni.
Last semester school accepted over 100 new students from Pakistan I think, and it caused problem with seats ( no free seat in classrom ).

This semesters we have 300 new students from Bangladesh and causing problem with classrooms ( no free classroom ). So they completly messed up schedule of all long term students in order to make new ones happy. So sometimes have morning, sometimes afternoon class and sometimes even in different building ( even if there is some classroom available in old building ) . As I was told, they are preparing to move out. Move out where ? not sure. But we were told unofficialy by teachers that looks like in near future Yunda is no longer going to be in town but all gonna move to Chenggong. So if anybody plans long term study in Yunda, please be aware of this, coz its difficult or even imposible transfer your Bc.study do a different school.
Chenggong is good place to study though. No distraction, no night life, just study:-)

Xiefei (519 posts) • 0

It'll be interesting to see what happens, and I have a feeling it won't be clear for a while.

The influx of South and Southeast Asian students is due to Yunda's role in the "one belt, one road" initiatives. School officials have traveled to a bunch of these countries to work out deals for teacher and student exchanges. It's probably only the beginning.

They're not so much scooting old students around to make the new ones happy, as they are having trouble accommodating this new diplomatic objective.

If your teachers had any say in the matter, you probably wouldn't be moved at all.

Also, I seriously doubt Yunda is going to fully vacate that campus, as it's basically a historical site. As for who gets to stay and who has to move, that's another question.

Quester (232 posts) • 0

What I've heard that other colleges have done is leave just the postgrad programmes at the old campus, and move all undergrads to new campus in Chenggong, Yanglin, or Anning etc.

voltaire (225 posts) • 0

I propose we remove all the young educated people from the city, so that it will have no chance to feel culturally rich and interesting. I aways find it's so pleasant not to see romance blossoming on the streets (who do those people think they are?), to hear anyone playing music (we had real music in the 19th century!) or doing art (humbug!). The conversations about business with large numbers made up and thrown in are always so much more exciting than the ones about philosophy, life and travel. Good riddance, young'uns. This city's for indentured capitalists, now.

vicar (818 posts) • 0

I won't miss them. Anyway, they'll be back every weekend to get drunk and stoned

nnoble (889 posts) • 0

I can't see all the universities moving every department but if this were to happen then Volaire is right, life will be sucked out of the city.

b galipeau (42 posts) • 0

Yunda already moved a vast majority of their undergrads to Chenggong years ago like the other campuses. Their international programs and students along with research centers and grad programs have until now remained on the old campus. Would be a huge change if they moved the international programs as well...

michael2015 (669 posts) • 0

Yunda maintains many post-graduate programs in the Green Lake main campus.

The general goal across China was to move all students OUT of the main cities and into student grottoes. The concept (I believe) was initiated in Beijing, when ALL the universities moved their undergraduates out to LanFang for the first few years of university life.

Herding students into focused academic zones has political, social, and economic benefits.

vicar (818 posts) • 0

I agree about the zones. Better for students to concentrate on their studies, yet not that far away to come into the city sometimes.

As both the city of Kunming and it's universities/colleges are developing and expanding its the best way.

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