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Forums > Living in Kunming > Professional Watch Repair Shop

Anybody can recommend professional watch repair shop with vacuum chamber / equipment?

The Ginco on BJ rd. ( near Dong Feng Square )

is closed.

Need to change battery for my Tissot T-touch and even authorized Tissot shop if have a repair section ,refuse to do it. Because usually have just some simple gear.

Thanks for the tips.

Forums > Living in Kunming > New look GoKunming

if personal opinion counts?
I don't like new look ;-(

Although I'm not fan of black based websites ( unless like photography portfolio ) , the new "white" look lacks of contrast. When loaded 1st time , I had feeling it hadn't loaded properly , like when css styles not working, or something.

The add on top right looks like some basic html website back in 90's. Line no frame or set off the barrier , or something what wouldn't give an impression of the "patch" . (on ph. version looks bit sloppy as well )

The main advert Shaxi looks Ok on ph. but on desktop gives me a feeling of one of those travel agencies websites for holiday makers ( not talking about the content of add, but the way its set with grey background ) . I can't say that extra pictures (adverts all over the place )

on front page are beneficial to new look as the white background which kills the contrast of the photos on main slider.

Overall it's kinda overwhelming. Too many blinking flashing images feels like one of those spam websites. Sorry for being so criticizing, but I believe goKM still cant find some designer. I mean not the person who knows tech part but actually knows aesthetic and commercial part of online biz. I like the site as community I'm part of , so I wish they find somebody eventually and make this template more pleasant to least for me.

Speak of the adverts. I understand that they have to live on something, but since it's not a google add targeting ( automatic adds sourced form 3rd party ) , management could think of the design the adds suitable in contrast to the website ( color use ) , that could bring extra kuai and not much hassle if designer is geared up with customized templates. I also miss functions like preview before posting. It is hard to read my text in small box before posting, so ending up posting then editing and posting again.

Anyway, I'm don't know the background of the company , so please no flames...just my personal opinion.


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just little correction if I may. Czech Republic & Slovakia are separate countries since 1993. There r no borders between as they r in EU like others but they have separate embassies ( in BJ they r in the same building I think ). Just in case somebody doesn't know.

poor animal, its eventually gonna die. When groves up, the body will get heavier and more of the balance, so it will not be able to move around much. Well I guess locals will make some small support with wheels for it at the back ( Ive seen it with a dog ).


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