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Forums > Living in Kunming > Ping Pong in Kunming?

last thread is 3y ago , so just wondering if anybody knows some place where can go to play? I belive some places were closed or restricted to outsiders coz Covid. ( like University premises , where only students can enter now ) .

Forums > Living in Kunming > issues with green code - Wechat Health App

Anybody has a problem with wechat health green code?
The app has recently changed and although it gives an option put the passport number for foreigners, it just returns the "Authentication failed" .

Anybody has solved this problem? Please share.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Professional Watch Repair Shop

Anybody can recommend professional watch repair shop with vacuum chamber / equipment?

The Ginco on BJ rd. ( near Dong Feng Square )

is closed.

Need to change battery for my Tissot T-touch and even authorized Tissot shop if have a repair section ,refuse to do it. Because usually have just some simple gear.

Thanks for the tips.


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just little correction if I may. Czech Republic & Slovakia are separate countries since 1993. There r no borders between as they r in EU like others but they have separate embassies ( in BJ they r in the same building I think ). Just in case somebody doesn't know.

poor animal, its eventually gonna die. When groves up, the body will get heavier and more of the balance, so it will not be able to move around much. Well I guess locals will make some small support with wheels for it at the back ( Ive seen it with a dog ).


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