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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Chinese New Year travel

Well , I don't think that those crowds in Lijiang or Dali are reading this forum ;-) Of course I do not expect to get a tip for some completely undiscovered place. Besides, no need to share / post here , just send me a private message, that will do. Thanks!

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Chinese New Year travel

I know this is the stupidest time to travel but I have a friend coming over who wants to see places around. One day or two day trips. Places like Tong Hai, Hei Jin, Jian Shui and such will be packed with people and hotels overpriced. I was wondering if anybody can recommend some places where even overpriced hotel

/ guest house would not cost "arms & legs" and place not going to be packed with people. Anything authentic Yunnan village where can stay overnight. I'm not good at planning any trips and CN NY is even bigger challenge for me. So appreciate any suggestions or link to the any thread dedicated to this matter. Cheers!

Forums > Food & Drink > Making yoghurt

Anybody experience making a yogurt from goat milk powder? Is standard procedure OK? or need to do some other steps as well? Cheers


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just little correction if I may. Czech Republic & Slovakia are separate countries since 1993. There r no borders between as they r in EU like others but they have separate embassies ( in BJ they r in the same building I think ). Just in case somebody doesn't know.

poor animal, its eventually gonna die. When groves up, the body will get heavier and more of the balance, so it will not be able to move around much. Well I guess locals will make some small support with wheels for it at the back ( Ive seen it with a dog ).


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