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Anybody experience making a yogurt from goat milk powder? Is standard procedure OK? or need to do some other steps as well? Cheers

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my friend is coming to Yunnan and wants to travel around a bit. Local villages and nature mostly. I 'm not here next moth , so I was wondering if there is anybody who ( local preferably ) can speak English and has 7 days time to accompany him. I know this should be posted in jobs, but nobody is looking there unless searching for the job , so my apology for "spamming" here.

Please send me PM with your price / day , or which way you calculate. Might have few more people coming in winter as well. Cheers!

Forums > Food & Drink > Yogurt

Thanks for the tips. Yep , I was suspecting the low fat problem. Any particular recommendations for milk powder? In Metro , Carefour or TB ?

I'll buy full fat after finishing this one.

thanks again!

Forums > Food & Drink > Yogurt

Ok. I've got a yg maker. Made my very first batch today. Tastes & smells good, but seems like quite lots of water in it as well. Like the one which is usually on commercial yogurts on the top. So just wonder if I done something wrong? I used powdered milk, mixed properly with water as per instruction.

Added the starter per instruction and done 8h in sunny kitchen so no cold there at all. So is time not enough or too long / too hot coz kitchen?

I would also have a question about the milk powder. I got one in Metro , was in discounted coz have only 4months left to expire. It's from NZ called Instant Skim Milk Powder . The low fat , I believe? That could be a problem?

Also a very strange thing on the packaging. There is a writing from producer about that powder has no additional coloring, sugars , low fat ..etc. That writing was covered by simple white sticker by Metro. Just a white piece of blank sticker as they want to cover that info. I thought that's the positive info about the product, why would they cover it? It's obviously exactly cut sticker to cover it , not coincidence. So I just wonder if anybody came across the same thing?


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just little correction if I may. Czech Republic & Slovakia are separate countries since 1993. There r no borders between as they r in EU like others but they have separate embassies ( in BJ they r in the same building I think ). Just in case somebody doesn't know.

poor animal, its eventually gonna die. When groves up, the body will get heavier and more of the balance, so it will not be able to move around much. Well I guess locals will make some small support with wheels for it at the back ( Ive seen it with a dog ).


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