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Student Visa Crackdown

ksmcqueen (96 posts) • 0

Today I was denied my student visa extension. This would have been my third semester with this school.

Of the 3 students in the interview at the PSB, 2 of us were denied for the same reason.

The reason was NOT, as one one expect, working on a student visa or insufficient Chinese level or anything else but for having travelled during the school term last semester. I took a few 2-4 day trips to different cities around Yunnan, which they had record of from registering my passport at hotels.


Be careful, if you're on a student visa, try to avoid registering your passport with hostels and hotels when you travel. I guess there's always couchsurfing.

Now I have to move to another city to study or switch to a work visa.

Live and learn

Ocean (1155 posts) • 0

Wow! Who would have thought the PSB were so efficient, "ruthless" and nationwide-connected. It's a first, as far as I know.

baiyuxiang (102 posts) • 0

@ ksmcqueen Who told you this reason? Why didn't your school go to bat for you? Was the issue that you hadn't "cleared" your travel plans with the school first? Or that the school is on the outs with the PSB?

I've always wondered how much use the PSB makes of all of the data they collect on all of us. Apparently, when the political climate calls for it, draconian is the word for it.

tigertiger - moderator (5061 posts) • 0

A student I know went on a trip, but he did apply for leave from the school first.
As @baiyuxiang mentioned. Did you have your leave cleared first? If you did then this is a bit concerning for many.

sbarella (105 posts) • 0

i am on a student visa and i recently got a call from my school,they told me the psb has been checking a lot lately,so they asked me to give them a list of the places i travelled to during the last semester.this has never happened before...

tigertiger - moderator (5061 posts) • 0

I also know a student who did not answer one (only one) question truthfully in his interview. His application was rejected.

For those who are unaware. China now seems to have a joined up database for travel and hotel registrations across China.

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