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How does one meet nice Chinese women?

latataille (118 posts) • 0

How does a foreign gentleman meet a nice Chinese lady? If some of you have Chinese girlfriends or wives, I would be interested to know how you met them.

xb6asd (170 posts) • -1

If you dick is smaller than 18cm you have no chance. No one wants a broke foreigner with a small pecker. If got the bills go to a bar buy 2 boxes and the girls come crawling faster than roaches. If you still fail there are barbershops and ktvs to fit you need for a price.

HFCAMPO (3062 posts) • 0

Seems you have a very genuine question and I am sure you will receive a variety of replies. From the sarcastic and ridiculous (above) to the serious.

Since the age of computers arrived, internet dating has a been a big hit because it enlarges the area that we can meet people. Without the internet we are limited to meeting people around the area where we live or work.

Internet dating has its problems but if you know exactly what you are looking for and are able to clearly express your needs, you have a very good chance of finding a suitable mate.

Things to know:

Ratio: As you begin to use internet dating you will realize the ratio of bad:good. You must be patient and sift through the garbage, those wasting time, looking for visas to go abroad, and so on. Be prepared for a ratio of 50:1 or more and this takes time.

Pictures: Be very clear and ask for real pics. Do not accept photoshop pics as they can make the ugliest village girl look like Zhang Zi Yi.

Be clear: dont be afraid to offend strangers with your honesty. Be clear as to what you want. If they get offended then they are not for you. For example, ask, Are you willing to relocate and be away from your parents and family? Do you want children? What is your education level? Be prepared for those who answer Yes today and say NO tomorrow.

Know yourself: Most importantly, you must know what you want. Most people spend more time shopping for a car or house then they do for a spouse. Are you going to learn Chinese or will your wife learn english? How is your own communication?

Here is a recent thread about Yellow Fever:


If you choose poorly, you will have problems in the near future. In the end you have no one to blame but yourself for your poor choices:


Magnifico (1981 posts) • 0

another trolling idiotic thread from the forum's all-time biggest goofball.

blobbles (958 posts) • 0

The BEST way IMO, is to first speak some of the language. If not well, then decent enough so that you can be understood and the rest can be filled in with English. This pretty much applies everywhere else in the world too.

Then do whatever you would normally do. Girls are everywhere (as Seinfeld says!). Walk around with an open heart and a smile, say "Hi!" to girls that catch your eye and you have a chance to talk to casually. Being at least an elementary speaker (2-3 months of study) will help you immensely do this. Weed out the wheat from the chaff through finding out about them and their family, their interests (usually quite narrow with Chinese gals) and their life. Find out fairly early if they are attached and only go after ones that are not! Do NOT hang out in only expat places and bars, get out into normal China.

I am married already to a lovely Chinese girl who I met in a book store where she was working, we struck up a conversation and agreed to hang out to improve each others language and things went from there. I have had numerous other oppourtunities since being here as I always am friendly to others and have an open and amenable attitude, but obviously haven't gone past friends or acquaintances because I am a loyal husband and love my wife dearly. I aren't good looking or tall, but really I could get a nice girlfriend in a few days if I wanted! They are everywhere, like foreign men (the exotic factor) and enjoy the attention you give them while judging you for future husband material. If you fail the last one, they will run away fast in China, which is to be expected. Be open, honest, friendly, inquisitive, engaging and if you are intelligent, of reasonable health, have a decent outlook on life and will be a good father, Chinese women will be banging down your door.

Geez, just last weekend while hiking Xi Shan alone I met one group of very interesting girls one who was clearly very interested in me who I chatted to for a few minutes. I struck up a conversation with another girl waiting at the bus stop 2 days ago who seemed like excellent girlfriend material and was displaying normal Chinese innocent yet flirty attitude. This isn't limited to me, an Aussie friend (quite tall and good looking) has to beat them off with a stick and tells me all the time of "another one" he talked to and was clearly interested. He has a similar open and friendly attitude, but his Chinese is basic to poor!

So my question to others that have asked me this is "How can you NOT find a Chinese girlfriend???" if you want one!

Liumingke1234 (3297 posts) • 0

I agree. How can you NOT find a girlfriend? You just have to be very careful what their motives are.

Magnifico (1981 posts) • 0

meeting is not that hard if you're good-looking or friendly. i'm neither, so it's much harder for me.

then there's the tough part. ulterior motives of the girl.... i could write a book.

and the toughest part of all.... compatibility. hence divorce lawyers driving around in Beemers. lack of compatibility is a lucrative business.

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