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Reggae: Don Camilo, Chile (Live + DJ Set)

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Don Camilo (Chile) performs a live & DJ set of reggae, dancehall and Caribbean rhythms this Friday night with support from DJs Ranking Zhou (UK) and local player, Dabo.

Born in Chile of a Bolivian mother and a Honduran father, Don Camilo is defined as a global citizen sharing his origins and his unusual career. Passionate about music, you
might come across him with skateboard at a street corner, earphones in place.

Singer, DJ, avid music collector and former pro skateboarder he had his first musical influences in
London, but by his greatest musical revelation came with the soudns of Jamaica.

This tireless traveler has worked with
many labels and producers such as Jamafra, Tom Fire, Manu Digital and Brigante Records the label of Telly aka Biga*Ranx with whom he
released his EP “Soundclash”.

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Turtle Club • Jianshe Lu, Xiexin Tiandi, 1st floor, F06

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