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Descending Movements


In 2016 Sveinung Rudjord Unneland and Andreas Vermehren Holm co-published The Darkening on Lord Jim Publishing in Norway. The book was based on Sveinung Rudjord Unnelands major exhibition Neo Compressions and a shared visit to Greece in january 2016, documenting the democratic center of Athens, Syntagma Square, in relation to the vast number of human refugees in Europe 2016. The Darkening tackled questions of receptivity and creaturely worth, striving towards an ontological subversion where the desperate situation of the refugees in Europe and the middleaast was transformed into a unique opportunity for the west to face the crisis of their own helplessness and to care for this fundamental condition in a conscious way.
They further developed this collaboration in Tag Team Studio in Bergen, Norway, november
2016, where Sveinung Rudjord Unneland reconstructed Syntagma Square in the gallery space, stacked and disrupted, and combined it with elements of text by Andreas Vermehren Holm that tackled questions of unbearable unreality, dizziness and emotional distance.
In this work, Descending movements, they further develop fundamental questions on bodily creatures as an integrate part of nature; on certain bodies that constitutes the 'burning class' of society; the inherent limits of change and what to do with them. What is the relationship between our bodies and the world? Should we change it? Can we change it? In order to answer these questions, we must necessarily turn to something other than ourselves.

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