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@parisianguy: Thanks for the update. We'll add it to our listings and you can leave the first review.

If anyone would like to add a business, venue or destination to the GoKunming listings, please get in touch through the contact form:



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Below is a thank you letter from Guo Conglan to everyone who participated in the fundraiser:

Dearest benefactors,

Not long ago, I became ill with meningitis and had to pay a lot for my stay at the hospital. Additionally, I had a re-examination which also cost my family a lot of money. This situation caused a lot of anguish for me and my family. I thought, "What should I do?" To me, your help is like providing me with a shelter in a terrible storm. Thank you very much.
Going to college has always been my dream — it is such a wonderful and sweet dream! But when I awake, it shatters to pieces. I felt like it is so unattainable.

You have given me so much help and encouragement. Now, I truly believe that I can fulfill my dreams. I will surely strive harder in school and make my dream of going to college come true. Because you have helped me in this difficult crisis, you have given me faith and courage.

I hope I can meet you face-to-face in the future to say "Thank you!"

郭从兰 Guo Conglan

Wishing you good work, good health, and happiness a thousand times over!

We just received an email from Frances Deram informing us the 12,000 yuan goal for Guo Conglan has not only been met, but exceeded. Thank you to everyone who helped out! The speed with which this was accomplished is truly heartwarming.



Had the buffet here recently. A bit expensive but discounts are available for groups. Seafood, including crab, lobster and sushi were all fantastic. European and Chinese dishes were great as well. Beer was included with dinner. Overall, excellent service and food.


Excellent dumplings for omnivores, vegetarians and carnivores. This is a hole in the wall joint with no frills, but the owners are friendly and the dumplings are just right. Five stars if they get higher quality vinegar.


A great little green spot. I would give it five stars if the old orchid garden weren't locked every time I go there. Kunming needs more parks!


Stayed here for four nights and couldn't imagine a more charming place. Modern rooms that maintain a rustic feel, good food and fantastic views.


When the weather is nice, this is one of the best cafes in Kunming for sitting in the sun. A bit strange that a large coffee comes in two separate cups.