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Thanks for understanding, everyone. Censors took the film offline entirely on Friday and we decided, in the interest of the site, to take our article down as well. No one contacted us or told GoKunming to do it, we simply decided to err on the side of caution. This is, to my knowledge, only the second time we've felt the need to do this in the site's nine-year history. And we hope this instance is the last.


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In the original version of this article I wrongly identified Bai Enpei as Kunming Party secretary. He was provincial secretary. The mistake has been corrected.



To be fair, this is just my type of bar: live music, nicely priced drinks in a divey setting. Normally I would give 4 stars, but Sunday afternoons on the back patio are simply too good not to give a top rating.


Fantastic little clothing boutique with a wonderful owner.


Had the buffet here recently. A bit expensive but discounts are available for groups. Seafood, including crab, lobster and sushi were all fantastic. European and Chinese dishes were great as well. Beer was included with dinner. Overall, excellent service and food.


Excellent dumplings for omnivores, vegetarians and carnivores. This is a hole in the wall joint with no frills, but the owners are friendly and the dumplings are just right. Five stars if they get higher quality vinegar.


A great little green spot. I would give it five stars if the old orchid garden weren't locked every time I go there. Kunming needs more parks!